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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Street Food Restaurants Are Popping Up Everywhere and Investors Are Noticing!

Where can you find 500 diners chowing down Italian stone-baked pizzas, beef short-rib on toast and salted caramel chocolate brownies? The answer… Mackie Mayor in Manchester!

This once abandoned building has been transformed into a stylish hub for foodies and diners are loving it! Other derelict buildings are having a makeover too. Old tube stations, market halls and shops are now following suit and turning into contemporary food halls that marry both locally sourced street food and top-class cooking from some amazing chefs.

 And this trend is spreading across the whole of the UK. Jerk chicken, Yorkshire pudding wraps and other foodie delights brought 400,000 more visitors to the Kirkgate Market in Leeds this year when Altrincham’s Market House in Cheshire decided to get involved in this foodie craze… it also brought in over £5m in sales!

 Big time investors are wanting to get a serious piece of this action by bringing communal dining to London’s Oxford Street. The plan is to open a minimum of 16 new food halls, according to a report by Cushman & Wakefield, as landlords are looking for fresh ways to bring old town centres - where traditional shops have lost their appeal - to life again!
The operators of Portugal’s biggest tourist attraction, Time Out Market, the street food operator London Union, and Italy’s Eataly are now jumping on the bandwagon and are looking to cash in by designing some new start-up market halls with a little help from property investors and infamous restaurateur Simon Anderson.

Simon has plans to strip back the graffiti and old black paint on the walls of London Victoria’s tube station ticket hall and open the space up with a vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows.
Simon and co want this new eatery to host 14 kitchens and three bars by summer 2018. All kitchens will be independent local operators who already have experience running small outlets.  

 According to Simon, diners now want to experience a vast array of chefs and their cooking styles he said, “Food has really changed its position on the nation’s list of priorities. It is so important to people now, and it is where people spend most of their money. Food is now the main event and we are simply providing it with the stage it deserves.”