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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Support Your Local Businesses….. & Receive Free Packaging In The Process!

Lowering Your Packaging Costs: 

Research has predicted that around 17,000 Indian takeaways are set to close in the next 10 years due to rising costs, unless business owners can find ways of saving money. On average an Indian takeaway will supply around 1,500 meals per week to customers in their homes. Taking this into consideration and the cost of packaging, the average Indian takeaway outlet will spend approximately £300 per month / £3600 a year. 

An Easy Revenue to Save Money:

Takeaway owners have been identified as a vital part of the cycle, in helping to support advertising campaigns and guaranteeing businesses adverts to enter the homes to large amounts of potential customers. By working with local businesses and supporting their advertising campaigns you will be able to cut your costs dramatically by being supplied with free packaging. All we ask is that you use the packaging, it really is that simple.

Helping Local Businesses to Stand Out In The World of Advertising: 

Advertising streams have served a critical purpose in any businesses progression and rise by enabling companies to compete against others to attract the attention of possible customers. Whether your business sells goods or services that are a necessity or luxury, it is vital to create a lasting impression with the consumer, in order to turn interest into a constant stream of customers and sales. The general purpose of advertising is to create a hype about what it is you’re offering or selling, and to relate that to the end consumer. Advertising allows your business to create a strong presence within the community and reminding people who you are and what you offer.

The Ever-growing Advertising Industry: 

In such a competitive market worth around £22 billion pounds in the UK in 2017, and expected to grow a further 2.6% in 2018,  the need to find the correct stream of advertisement to best enhance your business is crucial.  Picking the right advertising method allows you to enhance your chances of reminding possible customers of the excellent services or products you can provide, and how these outweigh any competitors. Furthermore the need to create that first impression has never been more crucial. You may only have 2-3 seconds to make an impact on the consumer of which you have to stand out and intrigue them with what you’re offering. 

Creating a Beneficial Relationship between Takeaway Owners & Local Businesses:

At ADvolution we have found a way of providing a unique edge to your advertising campaign for business owners, whilst identifying takeaway outlets as an important part of the advertising cycle, and supporting these outlets by being able to offer packaging for free in order to help cut costs. 

For more details and to register your interest either as a business owner or takeaway owner please visit