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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Overcoming a barrier to growth and success: energy bills

“Almost a third of small firms highlight the cost of energy as a barrier to the growth and success of their business,” according to John Allan, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses.*

With the restaurant and takeaway sector being a significant consumer of energy in the UK, energy costs can be a major overhead for businesses in this industry. It’s well worth seeing if you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere, allowing your business to use that extra cash for growth and development rather than energy bills.  

Here’s Yü Energy’s 3-step guide to saving money on your energy bills. 

1) Check your current rates and contract

Your rate can be found on your energy bills from your current supplier.

Check your current energy supply contract to find out:

⦁ What kind of contract you are on- for example, fixed or variable.

⦁ Your contract end date.

⦁When you can terminate your current contract.

2) Consider a range of suppliers.

These days there are a host of new suppliers in the business energy market offering an alternative to the larger, established suppliers.

You’ll need the following information when you request a quote:

⦁ Your meter numbers, otherwise known as the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) or Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) for each electricity and gas meter. You'll find these numbers printed on a recent invoice from your supplier.

⦁ Your company address and postcode.

⦁ The required start date of your contract.

⦁Your current energy consumption in kWh- this can be found on your recent bills.

3) Choosing the supplier that most suits you

Customer service

Check the customer service record of any energy company you are considering switching to. Ofgem conducts customer satisfaction surveys and monitors complaints received by energy companies. You can also look at suppliers’ TrustPilot ratings, and independent, Ofgem-accredited websites such as Money Supermarket or Simply Switch for supplier comparisons and customer satisfaction survey results. A number of smaller energy companies are rated highly for their levels of customer service. Yü Energy was created with the aim of delivering outstanding service and transforming the expectations of the service that businesses should receive. Yü Energy aims to answer calls within 3 rings and provides a dedicated Relationship Manager who is with you every step of the way. 

Fuel Mix

If the source of your energy is important to you, check or enquire about the fuel mix of the energy you are buying – energy companies are legally obliged to disclose the mix of fuels they use. 

Larger energy suppliers vs. smaller energy suppliers

There are now a wide range of suppliers in the business energy market – large, well-known suppliers as well as a whole host of smaller, new independent suppliers. These independent suppliers offer a viable alternative. Many smaller suppliers are still able to provide competitive prices together with expert, personal service and a more responsive approach. 

Yü Energy is one of the fastest growing business energy suppliers in the UK, supplying thousands of businesses, including many in the takeaway and restaurant sector. We work in partnership with our business customers to tailor our service to their needs, offering a combination of expertise, outstanding customer service and competitive fixed prices to help businesses stay in control of their energy costs. With a 3-ring pick-up policy and dedicated relationship manager, we are big enough to offer financial stability and competitive prices, but small enough to take care of each and every one of our customers. Visit to request a quote and see if we can help save your business money.

* - Department of Energy and Climate Change - SME Guide to Energy Efficiency