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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Blanco Nino Authentic Corn Tortillas

Authentic Corn Tortillas made using just 3 simple ingredients, Non GM sustainably grown white corn, water & Lime

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what our customers are saying. Our Tortillas are all natural, NON GM, Low sugar, Low Fat, Low in salt and Naturally Gluten Free.

Of course our tortillas can be used in all things Mexican, but with the rise in popularity of street food, they can be used for anything your heart desires. Something which we will hope to show you at STREET FOOD LIVE 2017. Our Chef, Paul Eason, will be cooking up our tortillas, whether they be soft, frying, chips or blue corn, to entice you to try.

Let us hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

We are delighted to offer our customers, authentic Mexican dishes made with Blanco Niño tortillas, finally we can all enjoy a real taste of Mexico.

Theresa Hernandez

Owner – Mero Mero Mexico Dublin

The fact that Phil is so passionate and brought the techniques here from Mexico, what Blanco Niño are doing as a company is revolutionary. We (777) moved to be a part of it because we can stand behind is as it’s authentic and the standard of ingredients used, they’re grinding fresh masa using volcanic stones and that shows in the flavour and texture. It’s not like their competitors.

Blanco Niño have energetic people who are passionate about the product because they know it’s good. They’re just going to keep growing and growing and it’s great!

Adam Dunn

– 777 Dublin

People mention they remind them of the tortillas from Mexico, every day I hear that kind of comment …we like that they’re made of natural ingredients, non GMO and gluten free… I think you make really good top quality products..”

Thomas Oleksy

Owner – El Grito Mexican Kitchen

I never realised what a true tortilla was meant to be. I used to view it as a tool for holding together the ingredients inside but not anymore. Blanco Niño tortillas have so much flavour it becomes a huge addition to the fillings. I had one taste of Blanco Niño and immediately created a dish that features them for our menu. The customers love them.

Adam McMenamin

Owner/Coffee Director – 250 Square Coffee


Blanco Nino

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