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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Paytronix Discovers the Secret to Effective Loyalty Programmes

Attracting low-frequency guests is the key to maximizing a restaurant loyalty programme’s impact, according to a report recently conducted by Paytronix, who’ll be showcasing their leading reward programme solutions at this year’s Takeaway and Restaurant Innovation Expo, on stand 5060!

The Paytronix Data insights report considered a loyalty programme to be successful if more than 15% of sales could be attributed to said programme, revealing that as a successful programme matures, the majority of members are those that pay infrequent visits to the establishment. 

According to the report, medium- to high-frequency guests will be the first to join a brand’s loyalty programme, however, after four months, the proportion of new members who have medium- to high-visit frequency drops to nearly one-sixth, with the majority of new members falling within the low and infrequent bracket. 

The Paytronix Data Insights team has found that in order for a brand’s loyalty programme to achieve more than 15% of sales, the company has to set its sights on enrolling lower frequency visitors, as opposed to just enrolling only its best guests. In light of the study’s findings, here’s some advice on how you can use a loyalty programme to engage low-frequency guests:

Tailor the design of your programme to meet the demands of your segmented audience - Design your loyalty programme with your guests that are low frequency visitors in mind, as they will need to understand the benefits of enrolling on the programme quickly, in order to join in an instant. 

Make sure the programme is easy to join - Provide a number of ways in which your guests can sign up to the programme, such as mobile apps, text-to-join, mobile-friendly registration web pages, kiosks, iPads in the store and even paper registration forms.

Always be looking to attract more employees -  Employees are good advocates of the loyalty programme, so it’s important to ensure that they understand how it benefits them and how it serves to benefit guests, so they can confidently and actively promote it to your customers.