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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Kukki Brings Cocktail Classics into the Bottle

Fresh cocktails with ice and pure fruits in the bottle? With kukki Cocktail, the founders Josef Klemm, Saif Hamed and Andreas Romanowski have launched a small revolution in the drink market.

Fresh cocktails with ice and pure fruits in the bottle. A specially developed ice cube machine presses high-quality ice perfectly into shape. Great secondary effect: due to the solid nature, the drinks in the frozen chill without preservatives remain fresh for up to twelve months.

The kukki range also includes high-quality spirits from the company's own production, and includes five vegan, gluten-free and, above all, refreshingly delicious cocktail classics without artificial additives - from the sweet, Sex on the beach to the tart, El Presidente. All cocktails are bottled at the kukki factory in Berlin and are available at retailers across Germany. The kukki cocktails can be thawed with the innovative kukki toaster in just a few seconds - the liquid remains cold, the ice cubes stay frozen.

Kukki combines pure, exotic juices, high-quality spirits, fresh fruits and specially pressed ice cubes into a completely new, unique product. This is made possible by a specially developed ice cubing machine, which compresses the best ice under high pressure so that it fits perfectly into the bottle. Due to the solid nature of the ice, the drinks in the freezer remain fresh for up to twelve months without the addition of colouring and preservatives. Once from the cooling, the 'bottle cocktails' are ready to drink within a few seconds, but the ice retains its shape for a long time.

To date, the range includes five vegan, gluten-free and, above all, genuine cocktail classics without artificial additives. All ingredients are carefully processed in the Berlin factory and are freshly bottled and packed every day. The alcohol content of the cocktails is 10.3%, the range is available at retailers across Germany.

The kukki TOASTER

In places like cinemas, indoor venues or at events, kukki cocktails save a lot of preparation time and personnel costs, as all the co-ordinated ingredients including ice cubes are already delivered ready for consumption.

When stored in the freezer, the delicious drinks are ready for consumption after a warm water bath. For restaurateurs there is now also the innovative kukki 'toaster', which thaws the cocktails within a few seconds - the liquid remains cold, the ice is frozen.

ABOUT kukki

The idea of cocktails with ice in the bottle swirled for a while through Josef Klemm's inventive head. After many hours, days and weeks of experimenting in the own kitchen, the idea of the cylindrical, elongated ice cube came into the bottle.

After studying engineering, Josef met his co-founder Saif Hamed. Both worked and developed at their office in Berlin the innovative and unique ice cube machine, which pressed ice into the perfect shape for bottles. In 2015 the first dewy kukki saw the light of the day. At the beginning of 2016 a private investor rose, new premises in Berlin were moved in and the ice machine installed.

By the end of 2016, kukki finally went online, followed shortly afterwards by listings on the supermarket shelves. Further varieties and products are planned in the coming months.

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