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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Rice Inc

Bill Clinton and the United Nation`s Start-up Solving World Hunger

Rice Inc is a social enterprise provides the world`s first global social impact rice brand. We provide quality rice to consumers worldwide and are building the world`s first youth powered, carbon neutral and zero waste supply chain for rice that ensures ethical wages rice farmers. We do this by sourcing quality rice from vulnerable farming communities in South East Asia and reinvest our profits to provide sustainable agriculture equipment for these communities.

Our work has won us the HULT Prize, the world`s largest social enterprise competition, beating out over 200,000 participants. We were also the first UK and South East Asian winners to be awarded by President Bill Clinton and the United Nations. Our work has also been covered by on Forbes, BBC, Business Insider and many more while securing us a partnership with the International Rice Research Institute.

Right now, we`ve already begun building sustainable rice dryers for farmers in Myanmar. These dryers will help farmers reduce the amount of grain loss by 20% and double their take home profits. To date we`ve helped over 90 farmers save a total of more than 150 tons of rice, helping them produce better quality and quantity of their crop to earn more money. That`s able to feed over 1500 people for a full year!

We are looking for international partners who want to be part of our journey in building the world`s first zero waste and carbon free rice supply chain. In particular, we are looking for corporate partners and restaurants who would like to turn their corporate purchases of rice into free CSR. For corporate partners with office canteens for their employees and restaurants for their customers, they purchase rice for the dishes they produce.

We would provide them with better quality rice for competitive prices but companies would also be able to get free CSR from it while restaurants would be able to leverage on marketing a new `sustainable` dish to appeal to more customers. They`d spend what they already spend and get more out of it.

If you`d like to get involved, please stop by our booth! Alternatively, you could visit our website at

Tel: 07460700727

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