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15 & 16
OCT 2024

ExCeL London

15 & 16
OCT 2024

ExCeL London


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Elevate Customer Service with Restaurant AI:

Are you looking to revolutionize your restaurant or takeaway's customer service experience? Welcome to our innovative customer service solution, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, designed to provide human-like interactions that exceed customer expectations. RestaurantAI is a conversational artificial intelligence platform adaptable to your business designed to help you overcome the friction of traditional support and deliver exceptional experiences to prospects, customers, and employees.


Deliver fast, consistent, and accurate customer support

Time is money, especially in customer service. When a chatbot doesn’t understand your customer and vice versa, you lose money with lost sales and customers, and you lose budget when customer service agents have to work longer and harder to assist your customers. Overcome this with RestaurantAI that understands customer requests the first time—and then automates answers and actions with seamless integration with backend systems, your knowledge base, and processes.


Unleash the Potential of Every Agent: Empowering Your Customer Support Team

Gone are the days of human agents spending valuable time searching through multiple systems for answers, causing bloated response times and frustrating customers. RestaurantAI steps in to automate repetitive requests that previously consumed significant resources. This newfound efficiency empowers your agents to focus on solving more complex customer problems, elevating the overall service experience. Embrace the future of customer support in the restaurant industry with RestaurantAI. 


RestaurantAI goes beyond traditional customer service, offering a holistic customer experience analytics

RestaurantAI provides a summary of the interactions between users and your virtual agent. Visualization and analysis of critical metrics and KPIs help you understand the topics users and customers want addressed, if the virtual agent is meeting those needs, and how to quickly improve the service it provides.

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