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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Moodmaestro Ltd.


Launching an Augmented Reality Interior Design tool and Interior Products Market Place.

There has never been a more exciting time to work in the interior design space with moodmaestro! Consumers already have powerful augmented reality devices in their pockets and they`ve experienced the delight of face filters, and users and brands alike are dreaming about what else is possible. What`s next? We are so excited to introduce you the true app and portal into the world of Interior Design respectively Moodmaestro and - Interior design to your taste!

Showcasing the capabilities of AR as an interior design platform is the app Moodmaestro by Singapore raised and London based architect and designer Neha Shrivastava. Neha who is the founder and CEO of the company, together with her co founder Subramaniam Ramamirtham have published a product called Moodmaestro where users can discover their own interior styles viewing pictures, objects, colors and then build their own moodrooms adding furniture, wallpaper, flooring, and other objects to their interior world. The result is an experience that gives people the ability to create personal spaces that imitate reality and creative delight.

We have got the world excited about Augmented Reality Design and Virtual Reality Market Places to become useful and accessible with technology which leverages products and brands that most people want to own.

We made Moodmaestro because there are so many more people who want to design their own homes and interior design spaces today! We have created what is going to become a medium to generate forever fresh points of view in terms of interior decoration desires! The experience begins with a personal understanding of key design concepts through Discover your Style! Then it moves to create and realize the unique value of AR through concepts like moodrooms, shared content, brands and products all presented in a market space as amazing organizing tools.

We create collections of products called Moodrooms and in this section, customers are able to map finishes into a room and juxtaposition them with products, visualising the entire collection holistically. Explore our website for yourself and also view the products/ brands which are onboard already. Needless to say, we are now looking to expand on our portfolio and we welcome the opportunity to partner with brands, designers and manufacturers.

Mood maestro`s AI attitude which is thoughtfully designed keeping consumers emotional and rational needs in mind reflects a very intelligent selection of beauty, functionality & individuality in product approach and that will hugely be appreciated by our customers. Our products are your best friends that come through in a flash to bring out your natural style in five minutes. With Mood maestro`s interactive experience we want to surprise people and delight them with instant affirmations that suit their taste.

We deliver Optimism. We are focused on the future. Things will be great.

Moodmaestro delivers interior design to your taste.


Moodmaestro is a e-commerce marketplace and app on apple store specialising in Interior Design, featuring all products & finishes related to home decor. Before customers can hit `Buy', the dilemma is what to buy and what is right for them. We believe that customers should discover their unique sense of style in order to make better design choices using our proprietary game Discover your Style. Users can first discover their taste through a series of flashcard like rounds. By helping users identify their taste, with our intuitive game, built with a proprietary algorithm brings forth their personal sense of style. Once you've discovered your style, you will see the Store with our wonderful range of products, carefully selected to match your outcome. A General store, a Personalized store, Various Categories, Brands, Prices, Colors, Materials etc.

Next up our moodrooms and blog will give you inspiration and help on what goes well together. Be Inspired! Read what others have to say about the various rooms of the home, different interior styles and the variety of furniture to stimulate your aesthetic senses. Our goal is to be the furniture marketplace where the aspirational will shop for their homes. We need everything that`s needed to win the intelligent customer for furniture segment in terms of taste, range, brands, price points and services.

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