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Eazitax Ltd

We`re Eazitax, a niche provider of tax, accountancy and professional advice services. We specialise in the gig economy, supporting both business owners and their self-employed workforce. From sole traders to large companies we actively protect you from the threats and help you flourish.

Tax and Accountancy - how does it work?
You work hard for your customers, you`re flexible and you know your stuff too. That`s how we work.
You want help with your tax affairs and to stay on the right side of HMRC. We can give you that help. With over 20 years of experience, we understand only too well how challenging it can be.
We know the hassle of keeping books and records. We know what you can claim for and what you can`t. We make the whole process really simple for you.
Work with us in the way YOU want to work. Whilst we love the new ways of working with online bookkeeping and data capture. We also respect that for many, the traditional way is still the best, and we`re happy to deal with either.
We have all got to do our accounts, but we offer down to earth practical help. We are even pretty good if you and the taxman have already fallen out!
The first thing to do is to contact us. We`ll listen, and we`ll provide you with a great service.

Consultancy Services
Because our core client base is derived from specific trades, we can deal with a range of issues affecting you that are relevant to your profitability, protection and continuation.
Even if you are not using our accounting service, we can work with your internal or external advisors and accountants, to bring our specialist knowledge to you.
Our fees are fixed and transparent, so that you know what you are getting. Our primary advisors are in-house, but if things get legal, we have access to a pool of knowledgeable legal firms that are also specialists in these areas.
In more recent times, the industry has also had to contend with the controversy surrounding the growth of the so-called `gig economy` and the implications of being deemed to have engaged `workers` for the purposes of employment law legislation.
In response to this, and the recent report by Matthew Taylor i.e. `Good Work: the Taylor review of modern working Practices`, our Eaziadvice product was started to offer our clients a range of tailored services and products specifically devised to offer advice on challenges from HMRC on status matters. These range from a full review of the company through to advisory and preparation for representation in Tax and Employment Tribunals. It includes advice on employment status (including agency legislation challenges), employment law issues relating to subcontractors.

Tel: 02085292600

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