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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Safety First - the Increased Demand for Self-Service and Interactive Kiosks

The hospitality sector has re-opened, with stringent hygiene and social distancing measures providing staff and customers with the reassurance that their safety and well-being are paramount and giving customers the confidence to stay and enjoy themselves.


One trend supporting re-opening in the hospitality sector - from hotels and coffee shops to pubs, bars and restaurants – is the adoption of new technology to encourage self-service and contactless payments, ensuring a safer and more hygienic environment. 


New Technologies and Cashless Payments

Most customers are already comfortable with self-service from their retail shopping experience, using securely mounted screens, scanners, printers and payment devices to process their items, scan their loyalty card and make payments.


The same technology can be used in hospitality environments to enable customers to check-in, select and confirm their order, and make payments – with the option to mount the technology together or separately depending on space and customer requirements; examples include: 


  • Safe entry check-in kiosk for temperature control which can also include mounting of hand sanitiser dispensers for staff, customers and guests upon arrival
  • Increased use of contactless payment apps and devices that can be integrated with tablet mounts and enclosures or with mPOS sleds
  • The rise in adoption of self-checkout touchscreens that combine frictionless payments to ensure more hygienic faster transaction times
  • Use of securely mounted tablet kiosks for convenient self-service for digital menus and food ordering or hotel check-in reducing queues and wait time 

Where staff and customers continue to interact, mobile options such as a payment paddles for payment devices can allow for social distancing.  


Using our expertise in technology mounting and mobility solutions in the hospitality sector Ergonomic Solutions offer multiple secure mounting options for self-service, interactive kiosks and signage – our customers range from high street names to independent business owners and we benefit from having a network of channel partners who can support these businesses.


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