The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

8 & 9 SEP 2020


The Wait Is Over!

Are you wondering where your day went? The average person spends eight years of their life shopping and another two years standing in line to pay for items and perform daily tasks (post office, doctors, bank, and so on). Queuing over the phone has reduced some of the waiting time but in many situations you need to be there.

Live events are particularly adept at monopolising our time while taking our money. We stand in line to enter events, check our coats; and buy food, drinks, and event merchandise. And once we finally get service, on-site, we fork out higher average prices for our snacks and goods—we are, after all, a captive audience to events.

Zapaygo is changing the way consumers order food and beverage products via a powerful and convenient on-demand mobile ordering and payment platform in the leisure, hospitality and entertainment sectors. The App makes ordering goods and services easier for consumers and serving and delivery more efficientfor venue operators.

Using an intuitive free app users can pre-order and pay for goods before arriving at venues or without having to leave their seats. This reduces order processing time and also captures previously unavailable data for venues and brands. Zapaygo has already builtthe core platform and smartphone application. The company has secured valuable strategic deals with major industry partners such as the NEC Group, Europe’s largest event and leisure company, along with other high profile and high volume venue owners in the entertainment, leisure and hospitality sectors. All ofthese serve large visitor numbers where queueing is problematic for both venues and customers.

In order to accelerate growth and establish Zapaygo as the leading mobile ordering and payment platform, Zapaygo’s blockchain based “RewardZ Marketplace” will allow for vouchers, discounts and coupons to be redeemed at participating venues with the use ofthe ZAP utility token, which will be used exclusively on the platform.

The utility tokens which are currently on sale and more information can be found at


Benefits to businesses include:

● Reduce queues and serve customers quicker. Up to 40% serve -time savings.

● Increase revenues thanks to ease of ordering & efficiency of service.

● Allow cashless payments without any change to currentinfrastructure.

● No cash, no cards so less cash to be handled on site.

● Capture key data about customers and their spending habits.

● Various up-selling opportunities – multiple purchase/offers etc.

● Targeted messages at “sweet spot” times ofthe day /last hour activity / post purchase.

● Reward customer loyalty with deals / discounts / promotions.

● Visibility on potential customers / conversion via deals/vouchers.

● Targeted brand / product placement within the App.

Zapaygo is proud to be a lead sponsor ofthe Innovation in Restaurant and TakeAway Show 2019.