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Keep your food delivery kitchen-fresh!

Timely delivery and maintaining the superior quality of fresh food are two significant factors that determine the success of delivering food to customers. Utilizing thermal bags ensures that the second condition is effectively met.

As a growing trend, home delivery is taking up an increasing share of the sales in food and beverage outlets. Restauranteurs may be unaware of the fact that the transit time between food from the kitchen to the delivery location could remarkably diminish the quality of the product. Business owners face the challenge of delivering food in its initial state when it’s freshly made.

The insulation provided by thermal bags keeps both hot and cold food at their optimal temperatures during the delivery process. They are also popular by other names such as delivery bags, Pizza bags or cooler bags.  

What to Look for in a Thermal Bag

Temperature retention & moisture control: This is mostly the function of the underlying insulating materials. Most cheap cooler bags do not use any insulating material at all as they make use of basic foam padding instead.  In contrast, ThermaBags uses a variety of high-grade insulating materials depending on the intended use of a given bag. For instance, breathable insulating material in Hot bags is used to prevent sogginess in food while closed cell foam insulation is used, where possible, for cold bags.  Special patches in these bags absorb excess moisture while retaining the heat.  Choice of materials such as nylon, polyester, vinyl must be taken into consideration as each has its pros and cons.   

Heating system compatibility: Lightweight and mobile heating systems provide extra control over temperature for hot food. There are a variety of these that come in different configurations to be used with Thermal Bags.   

Sturdy structure: The bags should be sufficiently robust to keep the food from being damaged especially if the packaging, such as paper boxes used for burgers, is flimsy.

Rider comfort and safety: The bags – especially when designed in the form of backpacks – should be manufactured as comfortable and safe through the use of reflectors, locks, padding, etc. They also ought to be light-weight and of the right shape and size.  

Extra options: These options (such as separate compartments for hot food items and soft drinks, internal shelves, removable frames, machine washable, and rain cover) are very useful.

Branding options: Delivery bags are great tools to advertise your business. At ThermaBags we can directly print on the bags with screen, heat transfer or embroidery.  Many of our stock bags come with fully see-through sleeves to place your own poster.

What to look for in the Supplier

In-house production: It is very effective in terms of faster sampling, delivery, customization and quality control.  

Expertise: ThermaBags has over 700 clients from major fast food chains such as Mcdonalds to airlines and pharmaceutical companies. The company has designed bags with the help of a joint research and development team gaining immense know-how in the process.  It also has a permanent R&D station in order to be at the forefront of the industry.   

Reputation & warranty: A reliable bag should have at least some warranty and use quality component parts such as zippers and fasteners because an otherwise minor zipper can render the whole bag unusable.   

Aftersales service: Look for suppliers that also sell replaceable parts like frames, power chords and heating elements so that you do not face the need to change the whole system for a damaged shelf.  Suppliers should also be readily available for repairs and alterations.

Customization: Do not rely on ‘one size fits all’ formula. Due to different order types and packaging, customization in size and design helps a great deal in meeting your specific needs.

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