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Choosing electric vehicles to power your business

Any business in the UK is constantly seeking alternative, more cost effective methods to provide a service to their customers. With urban areas in mind there is also high demand for a solution to the noise and pollution generated by petrol engines from any car or moped, especially where delivery services are concerned.

Businesses seeking ethical delivery will thrive from using electric bikes and mopeds as their alternative. With their ease of use, outstanding practicality on the road and attachable delivery boxes, your cargo can be safely transported without the additional cost or environmental damage of a petrol moped.

With customers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, it's the perfect time to demonstrate that your business is doing it's part to offer clean deliveries with electrically powered bikes instead of petrol mopeds. 

For example, in a recent UK study, it was found that passenger cars are accountable for 53% of total UK transport emissions. The thing that upsets any environmentally conscious motorist is that many of these journeys are for less than 5 miles – Making an electrically powered bike the ideal alternative transportation solution.

What should you look for when purchasing an electric bike?

1. Practicality
If you are a delivery rider then you’ll want to ensure that the bike is capable of comfortably carrying your cargo, as well as the rider across the distances required for you to complete your business. Alternatively, a leisure rider might prefer to seek a bike which offers easy and secure storage options at home or at the office or workplace.

2. Reliability
As with any petrol powered vehicle, an electric bike needs to be reliable and built to last. This is something the industry has worked very hard on ensuring over recent years, and here at Eskuta we have been paying special attention to ensuring that the latest electric scooters offer true reliability and functionality.

3. Price
Price is an important factor to all of our customers and in accordance with demand the prices of electric bikes are at the most affordable ever. This means that electric bikes really do offer the ideal alternative to petrol power and the cost savings start at the point of purchasing your bike.

4. Save money
Being sustainable doesn’t just save the environment, its saves your money too. To put this into context, if those of us who are located within a 5 mile radius of our destination decided to go electric, we would collectively save £3.7 billion every year in motor vehicle costs. 

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