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Scooter Fleet Management – Often Overlooked!

The Market

The business of delivering restaurant meals to homes or workplaces is undergoing rapid change as consumers demand more choice, greater speed and a variety of methods in which to place orders.

Add to the mix, the challenges of delivering in busy towns and cities often with environmental demands, those final delivery miles are becoming ever more critical.

A restaurant owner has the unenviable task of marketing their business, organizing staff, ordering food supplies, maintaining cooking equipment as well as satisfying customers in-store and via takeaway. Is it any wonder that fleet management is often seen as a reactive task?

Delivery Options

To support delivery, restaurants employ a range of transportation means including bikes, cars, and scooters and critical success factors include components such as speed, and reliability of delivery. We all know that consumers are ever more demanding and with on-line reviews, there are no hiding places if food arrives late, or even worse cold and unpalatable!  Remember, however good your marketing, it is the product that will lead to brand advocacy and repeat orders.

With all this in mind it is important to pick the correct partner to manage your fleet needs and although there is a myriad of fleet management companies within the car and van sector, the humble scooter is often overlooked.

The Solution

To avoid any costly down-times it is important to choose a specialist scooter fleet management company that can offer a range of vehicles including petrol, and zero emission / zero noise electric scooters as well as offer finance and maintained leasing options. In addition, by providing on-site service, maintenance, repairs and breakdown support vehicles are kept on the road and in excellent condition.

It is imperative that when choosing a fleet partner that they have the sector knowledge and experience to understand your business needs, and offer the full range of services, with the flexibility to change as your business grows.

So many companies offer parts of the mix, however, very few offers that one-stop solution thus allowing owners to concentrate on their core business of cooking tasty food and keeping those customers happy.

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