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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


The Best Street Food Vendors In Europe!

Nowadays, some of Europe’s best food can be found on the streets… and by that we mean from some seriously good street food trucks and stalls. 

The streets of Europe are now adorned with a huge array of street food vendors, and because of this sometimes trying to pick the right one for you can be overwhelming! So to help those of you who are struggling, a team of 73 experts from EasyJet Traveller Magazine including the infamous Noma chef René Redzepi, international bloggers and industry insiders ate their way through the continent and picked out their favourites. 

The winner was Hija De Sanchez, the world-renowned Mexican food truck based in Copenhagen serving up traditional dishes with some Nordic flare. 

Here’s the top five street food hot spots you need to try this year!

1. Hija de Sanchez’s in Copenhagen.

The perfect place to get some meaty tacos which definitely pack a spicy punch. This truck serves up a style of Mexican food you would that you will struggle to find anywhere else in Europe. 

2. Sea Me at Time Out Market in Lisbon.

Come here if you want to experience a unique East meets West flavour combination. Whilst here, you can enjoy some fresh-from-the-boat Japanese/Portuguese fusion seafood, it’s like nothing you would have ever tried before. 

3. Alain Miam Miam in Paris.

An ideal street food snack for when you need something tasty to fuel your trip round the romantic city of Paris. Grab one of their buckwheat galettes and any toppings you like! 

4. AmsterDAM Good Cookies in Amsterdam. 

For those of you who have a seriously naughty sweet tooth! Their stroopwaffles are oh so gooey and oh so delicious! 

5. Mordi e Vai in Rome

Serving up Italian sandwiches which are offaly different! When in Rome, you can chow down on one of their rustic Italian sandwiches made with different cuts of offa. They are sinfully good.