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19 & 20 OCT 2022


How to Get Your Restaurant Covid-Secure Without Disrupting the Customer Experience

With social distancing measures within restaurants remaining a semi-permanent feature for a little while yet, it’s crucial to invest in the right products to ensure you don’t negatively impact your customer experience with cheap, short term alternatives that will likely need replacing. 

We’ve listed below just some of the ways you can get your restaurant Covid-Secure whilst ensuring you offer an enjoyable brand experience for your customers. All solutions listed below can be provided by us at Skyline Whitespace from our workshop in Wimbledon.

Choose screens and dividers that blend in with your surroundings 

By using screens and dividers that are designed to match or even optimise your interior space, you can incorporate protection into your restaurant without it being a visual eyesore. From architecturally pleasing designs to ones that match in with your brand colours and décor, there are a multitude of ways to ensure the protection measures don’t detract from the customer experience. Used in a smart way, they could impact positively on the experience by providing added privacy within the space.

Fully brand your social distancing signage

Social distancing signage doesn’t have to be boring and basic. Take this as an opportunity to show more of your restaurant’s personality with signage and stickers that are in your branding and have a little fun with the text you apply to them. We particularly love how hotel group The Hoxton have approached this, with floor signs that read things like ‘Don’t let it get too cosy in here’ accompanied by distancing arrows and ‘Hey nice shoes’ for spots where they would like people to stand. 

Make the process of temperature testing and sanitising slick and simple 

Figure out a process of testing temperatures and sanitising that will feel like second nature to customers. For the ultimate in efficiency, consider purchasing a temperature sensitive camera for the entryway so it doesn’t interrupt your customers journey or add more work for your staff. Place easy to use, branded hand sanitisers at the door as most people are used to this process now, along with easy to access bottles on each table. Finally, if you really want to leave a lasting brand impression, consider investing in nicely scented or high-quality sanitising liquid, as if it’s highly watered down or emits an unpleasant smell, it could potentially reflect badly on your brand, especially if you operate in the premium sector. 

Use online reservation and ordering software to collect details before arrival

Keep the collection of customer details efficient and automated by requesting diners prebook or order online. This again removes another layer of admin for your team and keeps the dining experience closer to what they’re used to. 

Take the opportunity to create new, memorable experiences 

Out of the box thinking enables you to create Covid-Secure experiences that are actually really lovely and unique. Our Dinner Domes enable households and bubbles to dine together safely, creating cool new experiences for diners whilst also maximising your outdoor space, especially during the winter months. 

At Skyline Whitespace, we can provide all these Covid-Secure safety measures and tailor them entirely to you, your company and your spaces. We have already helped many restaurants up and down the country to get Covid-secure and look forward to helping you too. 

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