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19 & 20 OCT 2022


How to get your own online delivery and table service at an affordable monthly price and 0% commission.

Home Delivery

The use of food delivery platforms has become an essential part of our lives. But when did all this start? What problems have they solved for the hospitality sector and what challenges did they bring? Is there another affordable way for food businesses to deliver food to their customers (whether instore or at home)?



How commission-based delivery platforms got established

Home delivery orders existed long before the invention of smartphones. Telephone calls have allowed food businesses to receive orders without the physical presence of their customers. But the process is not always that efficient and customer-friendly: Firstly, the customers cannot see the menus of the food businesses. Additionally, anybody could try to order without knowing whether they are within the delivery range of the store. Finally, there are plenty of mistakes due to the manual ordering process.

In recent years, modern food delivery companies appeared and solved all of the above problems. They offered to every food business access to a community, ready to buy their offerings!

But, unfortunately, this came at a very high price. Food businesses have now realised that the commissions for online ordering are not affordable. They find themselves paying unnecessarily high amounts with every order. This is especially challenging for them as the industry has low-profit margins. Additionally, their marketing freedom is lost.  For example, changing their menus is a manual process that needs to be done by the food delivery platforms! So these business are now held hostages to the almighty food delivery platforms in order to simply continue to operate in the Covid world.


GonnaOrder is here to help businesses reclaim their freedom and become sustainable and profitable. We are here to offer a better solution for online ordering whether that is instore and home delivery.

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Our goal is to empower businesses and offer them something that helps them instead of taking away all their profits. With GonnaOrder, any business can receive home delivery and table service orders with 0% commission. Businesses can change their menu with a few clicks and improve their cashflow by opting for daily pay-outs. Most of all, food businesses can capitalise on their website visitors and the hundreds or thousands of followers they have on Facebook and Instagram and let them order through those channels instead of fighting for exposure on the established food delivery platforms.

Known and loyal customers are an important focus group for local food businesses. Most of them live very close to the stores, while some of them pick up the food directly themselves. Food businesses can use GonnaOrder to give discounts as incentives to these customers when they order through their channels.

Additionally, the businesses can add QR codes on the leaflets that they already distribute with their GonnaOrder link. This way customers can order via their channels faster than via other delivery platforms by simply scanning the QR code.

And most importantly, there is no need to download yet another mobile app! GonnaOrder works through weblinks and allows the business to create a domain (in the case they did not already have one) or simply embed their GonnaOrder store into their existing webpage. Again, their customers can order food in a few clicks instead of waiting to download and setup another mobile app.


If the hospitality sector is to survive and thrive through this pandemic, there is a clear need to put the end customer at the heart of the digital journey by making their life easy and at the same time, food businesses have to stop paying high commissions and fees for simply wanting to have an online ordering presence.