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Are you looking to securely protect your tablet devices?

The worldwide use of tablets for both business and pleasure continues to rise exponentially resulting in the increased visibility of tablets everywhere we go. They’ve had a greater impact on people’s lives than we could ever have imagined as they continue to grow in popularity, tablet devices are being more commonly used for running business applications. 

Regardless of the many ways you may be using your tablet in your hospitality business: 

  • Tablet POS
  • digital signage
  • self-check in
  • self- service 
  • customer feedback,  collections and so many other uses

…you don’t want it to break, as it is very frustrating to limit your services during this time. 

Increasing total revenue per customer or guest is one of the most powerful ways to grow profits.  Tablets are light, portable, cost effective and generally the quickest way to achieve that growth helping to enhance the way businesses will or should operate in the future.



Most of us know that it’s very important to protect your tablet investment with tablet mounts and enclosures and yet we fail to implement these simple solutions. Tablets used in business can get into all kinds of unwanted situations:

  • liquid damage from spillages or when your iPad takes a tumble into someone’s tea
  • cracked screens when you accidently drop it 
  • theft or loss and accidental damage when left unattended 

What’s your favourite story? 

Protecting your tablet  from tampering or damage will improve security, provide a better customer experience and allows you to focus on your core business. So, it makes perfect sense to protect and mount tablets safely and securely.

Are you looking for stylish tablet stands, mounts or kiosks for your iPad device or other leading tablet brands, that securely protect your devices in a hospitality environment? We have fixed, mobile and hybrid solutions to support your business needs.


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