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19 & 20 OCT 2022


4 tips on how to avoid failure after COVID-19

The Coronavirus almost looks like it was designed to disrupt casual dining. Social distancing directly contradicts hospitality and supply shortages impact restaurants’ ability to produce their products. Many restaurants are going to struggle to cope as they already rely on thin margins and are hugely vulnerable to even small shifts in consumer behaviour.

We believe in simplicity. These straight forward steps focus around stock management and are designed to get you back up and running safely, simply and efficiently after Covid-19.

1) Reduce your menu.

Keep it simple.

Reducing your menu is likely to streamline ordering, reduce your stock holding, simplify your kitchen and strip out costs. You will then be able to offer your best sellers, effectively and efficiently through this relaunch phase. With a likely decrease in customer volumes it should also serve to reduce wastage. 

Focus on value for money, good margins, available stock and WOW factor dishes. It’s better to offer a few great dishes than potentially disappoint customers if items are off the menu due to stock availability issues.

2) Confirm your suppliers are still trading and have the stock you require.

When considering what dishes you are going to reopen with, check the following with your suppliers:

  • Are your stock products available and in continuous supply?
  • Has the price changed? How does this impact menu costs?
  • Check “cut-off-times” for ordering and delivery days - much of this is likely to have been impacted. 

We have been contacting suppliers, on behalf of our customers, to confirm they are trading and have the required items in stock. This has allowed owners, head chefs and managers to concentrate on other areas of reopening.

3) Simplify your supply chain.

      Ordering your stock needs to be simple and straightforward. Having to leave a different voicemail, email, online order or text message for each of your suppliers is time consuming and makes tracking orders unnecessarily clunky. 

Consider moving over to one central ordering system, with fewer suppliers. Reduce costs, save time and money. 

Suppli is a FREE online and mobile friendly ordering platform, where you can order all your products, from all your suppliers in one place at the click of a button. 

You can also:

  • Track and monitor orders
  • Reduce ordering errors
  • Save money and time
  • Reduce wastage
  • Simple and effective reporting for accounts and invoice reconciliation

      4) Get a system in place to manage stock levels and ensure no over ordering.

Keeping on top of your order volumes and prices is more important now than ever before. Incredibly tough trading conditions are on the horizon. It is essential you are on top of stock levels, wastage and pricing.

Suppli can help keep your cost of sales down and make ordering much easier and the best bit is that Suppli is FREE!

Email us on GET@SUPPLI.UK