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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Reliable and stable network connection for your restaurant

One challenge many restaurants face when using tablet POS solutions is maintaining continuous network access.  WiFi connectivity may be unstable, particularly in a busy restaurant environment. 

Where a tablet is used to take customer orders or to communicate with the online ordering service server and send the order to the printer a stable, reliable connection is essential.   


The solution is Star’s unique SteadyLAN™ which provides the flexibility of tablet POS with the stability of a cabled LAN connection.  Continuous network access is ensured for Apple devices via standard Lightning/Type-C cable on the mC-Print™ series - mCP21LB, mCP31L and mCP31LB models or for supported Android and Windows devices via USB-C cable on Star’s new mC-PrintC models. 


SteadyLAN provides direct cabled control of the printer and attached peripherals as well as Ethernet provision to supported tablets from the wired Ethernet port of the printer.



By simply connecting the tablet to the mC-Print printer via the standard Apple Lightning or USB-C cable and connecting the printer to the Internet via a wired LAN connection, supported tablets are able to connect to the Internet without WiFi communication. Furthermore, the tablet can communicate directly with the printer via the Lightning or USB-C cable and the printer will also charge the tablet. If the tablet is undocked from the printer then it will simply start using WiFi if available or Bluetooth if a Bluetooth printer model is installed, ensuring seamless connectivity for mobile sales.



Star’s mC-Print printers feature a cash drawer / buzzer connector plus 2 further USB Host Ports to connect additional peripherals such as Star’s SCD222 customer display and a range of 1D and 2D barcode scanners and RFID devices. This means the printer can effectively act as a hub controlling a variety of peripherals and offering tablet connectivity and charging at the same time.


For more information, see our full guide.  Our experienced Customer Success Team will be happy to advise you further