The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

19 & 20 OCT 2022


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The word “unprecedented” is so overused, you must be getting sick of it! As the world changes, you really need to think about business life after Covid-19. Yes, that’s right the world is going to be different, your brand wouldn’t have to be changed but just adapted to the new NORMAL. Once we get out of this everyone and their dog will be dying to socialise and have the much needed human interaction. Don’t get me wrong, everything in the hospitality sector will be different, the way people eat out, get takeaways and drink. Social distancing is the new NORMAL, for now, POST Covid-19.


So with social distancing in place, how can you ensure your restaurant or takeaway business makes money without upselling from staff or managers when people have to stay 2 meters or more apart, and some customers may be too scared to dine in? Do you value your menu as much as the venue? Many new or existing restaurants or takeaway places do not understand the importance of great menu design.



A great restaurant or takeaway menu design is the key to your marketing plan to get more sales per person. How many times have you gone to a restaurant or ordered a takeaway because the food sounded and looked amazing on the menu and you clearly ordered way too much?


Did you know if a menu is designed and laid out correctly by thinking about customers culinary journey and then upselling through key identifiers your menu sales can increase by 10% - 20%? When you design a great menu it should express your brands’ personality and create memories within a customers mind and leave them with something to talk about with their fellow dinners.



“OMG that chef’s special sounds amazing, I want to try that!”


“That sounds like a good deal, why order 2 individual dishes when we can buy 3 and just pay £3 extra for the third, that’s such good value”


The rule of thumb when designing your menu; Always remember the last thing your customers are left with once they decide to eat at your establishment; it is your menu. You must take them on a journey and tell them what to eat. People need to be directed and told what is unique and popular, something as simple as highlighting “Chefs special can make a massive difference and you will see a natural increase in sales.

If you are in need of menu design and development then get in touch with us at Graphic Kitchen and we can help you with your design needs.