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19 & 20 OCT 2022


2020 Vision for Grease Guardian

2020 is very much the year of change, and at Grease Guardian we plan on keeping up. This year, there are a few new members in the Grease Guardian family to help wage the war on fatbergs across the globe. 

Grease Guardian is constantly reviewing the market to ensure its customers have a bespoke solution for any problem that may arise. Grease Guardian was initially formed through an understanding of the wastewater industry, where parent company FM Environmental have over forty years of experience to draw on. Grease Guardian was formed as a solution to the problem that grease posed in pumping stations. Nearly thirty years later, Grease Guardian is continuing to listen to the marketplace and offer solutions to the problems at hand. 

This year, the Grease Guardian launch for 2020 unveiled a new range of products to help with customer needs. A noteworthy addition is the new GGXM Manual range. The brand-new manual range is suitable for coffee shops, confectioneries, snack bars, patisseries and a variety of other small catering applications. The new GGXM Manual range of grease traps are easy to install, portable and pack a small footprint, in keeping with Grease Guardian’s environmental ethos. The new design on the GGXM manual range enjoys many features and benefits found within the newer styled Grease Guardian X-range. However, there are a few notable changes to ensure the product range operates in the most effective and efficient way possible. For more information on the new range, please visit our website for our dedicated manual trap page. 

This year also signalled the beginning of some big changes in Grease Guardian’s approach to grease management. Most notably is the introduction of telemetry; a remote monitoring system that changes the way both suppliers and customers interact with their grease traps. New smart sensors can be added to new installs or retrofitted where applicable and are able to detect a range of routine maintenance issues before they become a problem. Smart sensors allow for early intervention by sending a signal back to HQ. This easy to use system is the perfect accompaniment to correct daily maintenance in ensuring a smooth, efficient performance from the Grease Guardian.

Grease Guardian is committed to adapting each and every year. We would like to thank everybody who worked with us last year. In 2019, we worked together to prevent 23 million litres of grease from entering sewers and seas around the world. The fatberg pandemic wages on but it can be stopped. By changing our habits, we can work together to eliminate fatbergs, save money and help to protect the planet. For more information and advice on how your kitchen can help make a difference, please contact us visa the information below. Together we’re working towards a cleaner future.


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