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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Ideas To Make The Most Of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and lovers all over the world are preparing to buy their roses, puppies and boxes of chocolates. They are also in a rush to find a place to eat a candlelit dinner in the evening, scouring the internet for restaurants that somehow still have a place left in one of the busiest nights of the year. But what kind of things can you do, as a bar, restaurant or takeaway to make this day a little more special for your guests? Here are just a few fun ideas to get your establishment into the valentines spirit!

Romantic Specials

We all know it: some foods are just more romantic than others. No one wants to see their partner pulling bits of steak from between their teeth, or slurping noodles up from their bowl like a human hoover. Serving light and delicate options that don’t fill a valentine's day date with the sound of munching and chewing can make a difference, allowing customers to focus on their partner, rather than the food. Fish courses, like pan fried sea bass or smoked salmon offer fantastic alternatives to a classic steak, or delicate salads with light dressings for a main can give your specials board a more romantic twist. Velvety chocolate desserts can help finish it off, and a beautiful wine selection can wash it all down. Draw those crowds of valentines dates to your establishment with some really special menu items!

Get Those Candles Out

Ever since Lady and the Tramp millions of couples have dreamt of a candlelit dinner under the stars, sharing a plate of food with a loved one. Elaborate cutlery sets, beautiful table cloths, vases of flowers and the aforementioned candles can really set the mood on a romantic valentine’s date, and it’s actually a relatively easy thing to provide! Customers will appreciate the extra touches, giving them a valentines date to remember. But don’t stop at the table ware: consider your interior decor and music as well! Some night time window stickers or stars in the ceiling, and some romantic tunes on the background can add to the loving atmosphere. Make your customers feel like they are lady and the tramp, and watch them come back year after year.

Valentine’s Day Offers

Everyone can find themselves hard up halfway through the month, and Valentine's day can be very expensive, with gifts, day trips and of course meals ending costing a small fortune. Help your customers save money with a valentines offer. Consider reduced prices on meals when you buy two, or reduced price bottles of wine when they order two meals. Take a little bit of the stress of one of the most expensive days of the year for your customers, and watch as the bookings roll in!

Don’t Forget The Singles

Not everyone wants to get involved with valentine's day for a number of reasons - but they still want to get out of the house! For these people, being surrounded by loved up couples can make them uncomfortable, or maybe they just want a nice meal out with their friends! Create a space for these people in your restaurant, and cater to the anti-valentines crowd with special offers and less of the valentines spirit. Find an untapped customer base in the people who want to go out for a meal, but not be privy to the most amorous of days.

Valentines Day has the potential to be one of the most lucrative days of the year, as customers flock in their millions to find a free table to book. These few ideas can help you attract couples, and give your guests a valentine’s day meal to remember!