The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

9 & 10 NOV 2021


5 Reasons To Attend The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo is now only two weeks away from bursting into London’s ExCeL and filling the showfloor with exhibitors who are changing the shape of our industry. The show will be an incredible opportunity for the entirety of our visitor cohort, with loads to learn, masses to see and plenty to experience. If you've not got your ticket already, make sure you do here! 

Make a More Personal Business Network

The show is going to have thousands of visitors, all looking for different things. They could be looking for new and exciting innovations that will make their business run smoother, or even a new cleaning tool to help their establishment meet new cleaning regulations. One thing, however, is a common thread through every single one of our visitors - they want to make partnerships. The Restaurant & Takeaway innovation Expo falls at the perfect time of year to think about making business partnerships for 2020, and with our networking zones, there is an incredible opportunity to make lasting business relationships and partnerships.

Experience new products

For your average consumer looking to purchase new equipment, there are numerous showrooms lined with example products. If you wanted a new microwave, you can hop in the car, drive to the local department store and have a browse of the microwave section for your favourite home cooking machine. For a business, however, this can be a little trickier. The nature of hospitality equipment makes it hard to have a showroom, and instead, you have to flick through delicate product catalogs and hundreds of web-pages to find the right product - and even after all that, you’re still not guaranteed to like it, as it’s hard to try the product before you’ve bought it. At the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo, however, you can walk browse the incredible range of products on our showfloor, and try them before you consider whether you want to invest. You can use our Catalogue before you've even arrived to get an idea of what's at the show, and plan your visit as well! A unique opportunity that we are extremely excited to provide, and one that for you, as a customer, is indispensable.

Research Your Industry

Staying up to date is extremely important, particularly in the ever changing hospitality industry. You have to be moving all the time and knowing the trends and happenings in the industry are incredibly important, particularly if you don’t want to be left behind. The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo is the perfect place to find out all the latest in hospitality. Learn from our keynote speakers and live panel debates all led by leading professionals in the know. From the latest industry trends and news, to the cutting edge innovations that are turning the sector upside down, there is everything you could ever need to stay relevant in a constantly changing industry.

Be Heard

The event has been deliberately catered to smaller, independent outlets who want to learn and grow. Our live panel debates not only feature some of the brightest minds in the industry sharing their knowledge and discussing pertinent topics, but they also give visitors the opportunity to engage with discussion, asking questions and putting across their own ideas as well. The show is not just about buying and making connections - it’s also about education, and learning what's necessary to equip yourself for the coming year.

It’s Free, and Time Saving

Generally, researching new products to go into your business is a long, arduous and expensive process. Hours spent searching through pages and pages of internet search results quickly turns into days and weeks, and potentially cost you a lot of money. Tickets to the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo are completely free, and the range of exhibitors on offer will save you an incredible amount of time, and money! No need to spend all your time perusing the world wide web, for relevant and reasonably priced businesses. The ExCeL will be filled with everything and everyone you could ever - for free!

The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo is an unmissable two days that you should mark down in your calendar. Find out why the majority of our visitors come back, year after year by registering for a ticket by pressing this link, and get your travel plans for the 19th and 20th of November - We'll see you there!

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