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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Deliver with the World’s Biggest Selling E-moped Brand

NIU is helping food business owners lower their delivery running costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
With the increase in food delivery going up, NIU have designed a vehicle to help food business owners reduce their delivery costs and help reduce pollution in urban communities. 
With the current campaigns to reduce toxic air inside of the cities, and the 25 year clean air strategy for London in place we know that there is an urgent need to replace petrol with electric for the future of our health and the planet. For the second year the risk of dying from long term exposure to London’s toxic air has risen.
But it’s not just London that has high levels of toxic air, in fact London doesn’t even make it in to the top ten! London is the 24th most polluted city in the U.K. This data comes from the WHO (World Health Organisation) taken in May 2018.
The limit for fine particle emissions (which travel deeply into people respiratory system and can lead to health problems) set by WHO is just 10. The most polluted town in the U.K. is Port Talbot, which exceeds this limit, coming in at 18 micrograms of fine particle emissions per cubic meter. Other towns that exceed this are Scunthorpe, Salford, Thurrock, Manchester, Swansea and Gillingham who all come in between 13 and 15 micrograms per cubic meter- London comes in at 11!
 The government is pushing business owners who offer a food delivery service to consider their options and move over to electric vehicles by subsidizing 20% of the cost for NIUs bought in the U.K. under the current PIMG (plug in motorcycle grant).
 As well as a providing zero emissions delivery option, the cost of running electric is dramatically cheaper than petrol. It’s not just the fuel cost you are saving, it’s the vehicle tax, congestion zones and ULEZ charges too. Add to this the servicing and upkeep of a NIU compared to petrol mopeds, there are no oil changes, fuel or oil filter changes, clutch, spark plugs or timing belt replacements and no valve clearance adjustments amongst many other benfits. 

For our N-cargo delivery vehicle we have kept all the features of our standard e-mopeds but have added a reinforced frame for heavier loads, large rear rack to fit universal boxes, rubber crash protection to reduce injury to your staff and the e-moped itself. NIU have a  fleet software which lets you monitor locations and status’ of vehicles, operational data in real time and monitor the efficiency of your delivery service.
We have dealers all over the U.K. and are just about to open our first U.K. flagship store in Bethnal Green, London.

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