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Busting the Myths of Merchandise and Creating Sustainable Impressions

The potential of promotional merchandise is huge, and often untapped. But myths about merchandise abound and diminish the significant impact that can be achieved driving sustainable brand impressions, helping to convert leads into sales or engaging and motivating employees.
So how do you make sure promotional items find their way into the minds of their audiences, not the bin?

Myth 1: ‘’People just throw freebies away, so it’s not worth spending money on branded giveaways’’

People may well throw away poor quality, cheap looking, irrelevant products. But evidence shows well designed, high quality, relevant, practical, attractive, innovative merchandise to be a keeper.
Studies show many forms of promotional goods being kept for at least a year, and even passed on to others. If you research your audience and aim for relevance and quality, you’ll find promo one of the most durable marketing tools out there.

Here’s just a few examples;

40% of consumers keep a branded charger for two years or more* (potentially longer if they didn’t lose it on their travels!)
Branded umbrellas are kept for an average of 14 months*
Branded drinkware is kept for at least one year*

Myth 2: ‘’People are aware of the environment now, and don’t want disposable stuff’’

That’s right. People don’t want disposable stuff. With plastics and sustainability high on the agenda, longevity and ensuring usefulness of promotional goods is key.

People like freebies. But the tide is shifting and people, particularly millennials, like products which aren’t disposable and are made to last or share. This benefits your brand - the more shareability and longevity – the more engagement you’ll gain with your brand.
Eco-friendly, sustainable products are a real opportunity to connect with environmentally-aware audiences. Innovation in the market has seen this product line grow with exciting new ideas emerging all the time and items like eco-refillable drinkware becoming a must-have. 
Ultimately, if you get your planning right, your item won’t be thrown away. It will be kept, used, even shared, giving you maximum impact and a reputation as an environmentally aware organisation who shares the social values of their audience.
Myth 3:  ‘’There’s no point in paying a lot for a giveaway, I may as well search for the cheapest price available’’

What is more likely to impress a potential customer: a cheap, unappealing product that doesn’t last, or a high quality, classy branded item that they would be happy to be seen with?

When it comes to pricing promotional goods, there is so much more than meets the eye. There’s the obvious design factor – nice design vs tacky/poor presentation. But with every type of product quality can vary widely. No one is going to hang on to a pen or umbrella or piece of tech that doesn’t work. No one will want to wear poor quality, unattractive apparel. 

And last, but not least, what murky production processes lie behind the cheapest prices? With a negative spotlight shining on brands who use poor workingconditions around the world to keep prices down, is this a practice with which you or your client want to risk being associated?'
Fully audited, robust production processes in factories which help and support communities, not exploit them, should be worth a penny or two on the unit cost.

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