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How Chilango have Experienced a Consistent Increase in Sales

How Chilango have experienced a consistent increase in sales over the past four years with a 76% increase in profits, despite economic downturn! Chilango is a national chain of 12 fast-service Mexican restaurants serving award-winning burritos, tacos and salads. Founders Eric Partaker and Dan Houghton had met David Haimes in a previous career and as soon as David joined the ActionCOACH team, they were keen to get him on board as their Action Coach. 
What was the first steps?
Chilango had big plans, they wanted to be a global brand by franchising outside of the UK, become a market leader in the UK Mexican restaurant industry and ultimately become a household name.
Eric and Dan understood when starting their new venture back in 2007 that it would take time to reach perfection, valuing patience and playing the long game has helped them immensely. Through their passion for learning and commitment to work on their business, their Action Coach has guided their growth plans focusing on the areas which are most important, helped them to systemise their business and worked with them on their decision-making process.
How did the relationship develop?
“It has been and still is a fantastic journey,” says Eric. “The areas my Action Coach supports and challenges are all fundamental sections of the business; branding, funding and attracting new talent. 
“Working with my Action Coach has helped to get my time back. Working in the business, I am now able to look 6, 12 and 18 months ahead, this was only possible by introducing solid systems that allows the business to flow day to day. We now know our numbers and this helps us to continually steer the business and support testing and measuring activities.”
How are Chilango different to any other restaurant group? 
One at a time is key to their success, every restaurant has its own heartbeat and requires careful consideration. Attracting the correct people to help that business thrive in its community is essential.
“The reality is, there is Capacity for hundreds of Chilango’s – every town could have one.” 
David says. “The Urban strategy has been a focus and more recently Eric and Dan have opened new restaurants in other cities such as Birmingham and Manchester which has been great. The key to the success of these new restaurants is sticking to brand philosophy.”
 Vibrant people | Vibrant Service | Vibrant colours in the food

Eric continues, “In our recruitment process, you now have to pass the vibrancy test, we measure how well people fit into our model, we have also created a framework to support employees on their role within the company. This is about being Vibrant!”
“This vibrant philosophy encapsulates the owner’s personality.” David adds. 
Innovative Fund Raising
If that’s not enough Eric has been quite instrumental in setting up Chilango’s funding platform. After a successful crowd cube which raised over £2M, he started an investment burrito bond offering; you invest in burritos – they pay out 8% interest, over 4 years. Paid semi-annually. More can be read here.
CEO of the Year
During the 2019 Business Excellence Forums annual awards dinner, which sees over 1,000 business owners from many different channels attend. Team Chilango, along with David won CEO of the Year – a testament to all their hard work growing and challenging their business environment.
David’s advice to restaurant owners and businesses that are keen to follow in the Chilango footsteps:
The restaurant industry is about people – how to be an outstanding manager and leader is fundamental
Attract the best – so you have the best working people in your business. For this you need a solid recruitment plan. Something an Action Coach can help with. Lastly get a coach - it helps grow the business faster. Set big goals!  
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