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Leverage Your Location

”Location, location, location” is something we often hear and putting your location to work for your business is what proximity marketing does.

Since you worked hard to get your location it is important to let your location work for you. One way to achieve this is through the use of proximity-based marketing. With location-based marketing, your ads go only to those in a defined area or location.

Location-based marketing works in two ways:

1)    Allows for location-relevant and timely marketing. It targets consumers that are close by and thus able to take advantage of an offer immediately.

2)    Allows targeted location-based marketing. A business can target specific locations, sporting events, neighbourhoods, or attractions to market to a like-minded consumer.

The first instance is often best served through the use of BLE Beacons to off close-range proximity messaging or marketing. The range of such devices can be as little as 30 cm or up to 100 meters. The fine-tuning of the range allows for more specific targeting of consumers. Geofencing is often a better solution for scenario two above due to its independence from the hardware. You can set up a geofence virtually any place in the world and can often feature custom shapes and sizes from 100 meters to more than 25 kilometres. This versatility allows a geofence to be placed anywhere a business believes it may find consumers that are already ready to purchase, establishing a geofence over a football match and running an ad for a sports bar comes to mind as marketing to an already friendly audience. Systems may be offered through mobility providers that work equally well and are only limited by the number of users they have or through independent providers using app-based technology. 

What to look for in a proximity marketing system?

 Ease of use -If the system is difficult or labour-intensive it will have a less likely chance of success. Ideally, you should spend no more than 10 minutes setting up a campaign. We find that much more than that starts to interfere with other your vital duties.

Flexibility- Having the ability to deploy either a beacon, or geofence, or a combination of the two offers the chance to run campaigns for different purposes at different times.

Cost- Any marketing cost must come in lower than the expected return that will be generated.  That being said, cheaper does not equal better in the same way that expensive does not equal better. There is a cost associated with providing ease of use and flexibility but not paying for features that do not provide value is equally important. There are many options available and your best choice is going to be whatever provides your business with the greatest value.

Every business need is different and no one marketing system is the answer for all of those needs but proximity marketing should be included as part of your overall marketing strategy. Marketing to those on the other side of the country may be part of your need but marketing to those right outside or across the street is something that all businesses should be doing. Leverage your location.

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