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19 & 20 NOV 2019


The Top Three Trends Shaping the Quick-Service Restaurants Market

There are three food trends set to impact the market outlook of the food and restaurant sector from 2017-2021. 

The food menu is experiencing rapid innovation due to the world wide high demand for quick-service restaurants. More and more consumers are also focussing on their diets, weight reduction plans and food allergies, which is increasing the need for customisation of the food and restaurant sector.  

One of the three trends that are impacting the rapid expansion of quick-service restaurants is the integration of technology.

Quick-service restaurants are now using technology to be able to reach a higher volume of customers and to make certain transactions quicker and easier. Mobile apps now allow customers to locate drive thrus, deals, coupons, offers and other features that would entice customers to spend more on quick-service foods. 

Customers can also pay online using their phones, reducing billing time and making the dining experience quicker and more efficient. This advancement in technology is to creates a quick, hassle-free service for customers. 

Food packaging innovation is the second trend. A lot of vendors nowadays are switching to sustainable practices which help decrease the cost of certain offerings, such as changing to using sustainable designs for food and beverage packaging. Because global warming and other environmental conditions are on the rise, more vendors are adopting eco-friendly practices for their businesses. 

On top of that, plenty of quick-service restaurants are attempting to create packaging solutions that are inventive, sustainable and projects a positive brand image that customers would appreciate. This will increase footfall for quick-service restaurants. 

The final trend is the increased demand for healthy on-the-go breakfasts. A vast amount of quick-service restaurants are responding to their consumer trends and are now making creative and nutritious breakfasts made with whey protein. This protein has become one of the most in-demand superfoods among consumers due to the fact it is an excellent source of energy for those early mornings!