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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Join the Click-EAT revolution

Click-EAT is UK’new online food ordering and Book a table service in one app.

We are preparing for a Launch in 2018, and we will provide the best for both Restaurants and Customers.

The software developed is unique and gives restaurants full control of the management of their business. Most Important of all it gives you MASSIVE savings

Restaurant owners can

SAVE - Up to £8.30 per order that YOU deliver Takeaways through other platforms that massive 20% saving PER ORDER.

On takeaway collections, you will save up to £4 per order that customer collects in addition to time and money saved by your restaurant staff.

You can save up to Massive £5000* on takeaway collections per year that are huge saving which you can divert to improve your business. ( Based on five orders per day EACH WORTH £15 )

Customers will get very attractive deals which will increase footfall in your restaurants and takeaways which is a bonus as you can achieve further sales.

Special irresistible deals coming to selected groups of customers and to General Public which will ensure your Business will flourish.

On top of all the fees, we charge will be recovered though ONLY 20 takeaway orders per YEAR.

What have you GOT to lose?

Join the revolution before it's too late! Register at