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19 & 20 NOV 2019


JOB TODAY, the Fast-Growing Hiring App

JOB TODAY helps to streamline the recruitment process by giving employers in the hospitality sector the ability to communicate directly with skilled jobseekers faster than ever before.

70% of employers find a match within 24 hours of posting a job, which makes the platform hugely popular among high turnover hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, coffee shops and takeaways. Used by over 40,000 businesses and 500,000 jobseekers, JOB TODAY is the most-downloaded hiring app in the UK.

Since its British launch in 2015, the platform has helped empower small businesses to take ownership of their hiring needs by giving employers the ability to connect with local, skilled jobseekers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Unlike traditional job advertising websites, JOB TODAY doesn’t charge companies to advertise their roles. Instead, employers are required to pay to unlock a chat session when they would like to get in contact with a promising candidate. Free chat credits are given to new employers when they sign-up to the platform.

The company is the brainchild of founders Polina Montano and Eugene Mizin. While managing a group of petrol stations in her chosen home of Luxembourg, Polina realised that a mobile hiring solution could add substantial value to lots of businesses, especially those where staff turnover is high. Together Polina and Eugene launched JOB TODAY in Barcelona in April 2015. Within a year, JOB TODAY was also operational in Madrid, Paris and London.


PHONE: 02080048077