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19 & 20 NOV 2019



6 Digital Signage Trends for 2019


Digital signage is now the must-have technology for any food or drink vendor. While the last few years have seen restaurants and takeaways increasing their adoption of all things digital, it is now likely that any business which fails to offer their customers a digital experience will find themselves left behind!

Here are 6 digital signage trends that you need to know for 2019...


1. The Digital Signage Market is Growing

Digital signage is expected to be worth as much as $32.84 billion by 2023.

But why is it growing so fast? There are some elements which contribute to this growth:

- Digital Signage allows campaigns to be much more dynamic than before, thereby attracting customers’ attention and having a greater impact!

- Combined with mobiles, digital signage has been shown to be the most effective form of advertising to reach consumers

- By using digital signage, companies can ensure they get the right message to their customers in the right place - and at the right time.

By 2023 companies which have not adopted digital signage will be left behind. 

2. Video Walls are coming

Having a fantastic marketing campaign is useless if no-one sees it.; video walls ensure your content is being seen by your customers. Alongside this, video walls also enable a more interactive experience for your customers…

3. Content Will Become More Interactive

Digital signage in 2019 will drive more interactive experiences, as industry leaders use emerging technology to create more engaged customers.

At the same time, digital signage combined with sensors, data feeds and the cloud, will mean more companies than ever before will be able to create personalised experiences for their customers, so they can meet their needs depending on their situation! 

4. The Real World Will Become More Digital

People are spending more and more time in the digital world, looking at screens. At the same time, these digital spaces are interacting with them more,and providing them with content tailored to their tastes. 

As this trend continues,digital signage (and screens in general)  will become vital for brands not only for advertising, but also for them to interact with their customers more effectively. 

5. More Focus Will Be Placed on Security

As people become more concerned with privacy and data-protection, digital security is becoming increasingly important. In 2019, the digital signage industry will continue to manage concerns of users and customers, while ensuring all their networks are well secured, across all forms of hard and software! 

6.  Digital Signage Technology Will Continue to Advance by Leaps and Bounds

So what are we going to see in 2019? As well and seeing greater industry adoption, we’ll also see new use-cases and products in the world of digital signage! 

Get ready for double-sided screens, screens which can act as both mirror and digital signage, higher resolutions for LCD screens, and even more colors with the switch to BT.2020 from sRGB.


Ultimately 2019 will see more and more digital signage in food and drink - and subsequently more and more customers expecting dynamic and interactive experiences!

The food and drink market is already crying out for more companies who can help them provide digital experiences for their customers. At the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo 2018 76% of visitors reported wanting to see more digital signage providers at the show. 

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