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19 & 20 NOV 2019



PackBenefit (formerly Oneworld Packaging)

PackBenefit (Oneworld Packaging S.L.) is proud to present the product that is revolutionating the food packaging sector and leading the transition to a more sustainable world.

PackBenefit is synonym of innovation. We want to be creators of concepts and realize them. Our society has embarked on a non-negotiable path: global sustainability. Every day we want to improve. We investigate, we renew, we test, we innovate...

Our packaging is a new concept of food containers mostly made with cellulose that ticks all the boxes :
- Heat sealable
- Ovenable
- Microwavable
- Freezable
- 100% compostable certified
- Zero migrations at any temperature
- Oxygen Barrier (if needed)
- Similar barriers as PP and CPET
- Cool-to-touch

Even if there are other compostable bio containers already in the market, PB's trays are the first OK-COMPOST certified trays able to face two of the main issues of the industry today at the same time:
- The impact of the packaging waste on the environment (our trays can be recycled with the organic waste or with the paper stream waste)
- The problem of the food waste

Because the inmediate future must pass through offering practical solutions, we are able to provide reliable solutions that are not only biodegradable or recyclable but also compostable, that's why we are unique.

We only use completely natural raw materials from FSC certified suppliers, we've got beyond a zero carbon footprint and we are committed to our environment; we try everyday. This is how our Philosophy of our 4 Ok's was born and this how we collaborate to take care of the planet.

Do you want to know more about our 100% compostable solutions?

Now it's your turn, we serve it to you on a tray.

Tel: +34 670751867

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