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19 & 20 NOV 2019




Babeasy established as the exclusive UK distributor of the Cradle.
Babeasy is a leading distributor of Koala Kare commercial childcare products including changing tables, high chairs, cradles and booster seats.

There is a growing cultural expectation to offer family friendly amenities. While providing child protection seats is not a requirement by law, it is essential for businesses that wish to attract families. Having high chairs, boosters and cradles in your dining room let parents know you value their business and increased loyalty can help satisfy your bottom line. Third-party research indicates that parents are more loyal, visit more often, and spend more money at establishments that provide high quality, well-maintained child accommodation amenities.
95% of parents seek out establishments that have child accommodation amenities
70% of parents are more likely to visit businesses with high chairs
73% of parents are more likely to visit businesses with baby changing stations
There is evidence that families will not return to establishments if they have a negative experience with how to accommodate their children

Our product offering includes the Cradle which Babeasy is exclusively bringing to the UK market following experience with it in the USA. We believe the cradle will become an essential offering to customers alongside the highchair. The Cradle is a frame that holds a babies car seat up at table height. It eliminates the dangerous practice of placing baby seats on the floor or balancing them on unsuitable surfaces while they are too young to sit in a high chair. The cradle also benefits restaurants by removing push chairs from aisles and reducing obstruction to staff, whilst simultaneously allowing parents to easily care for their child.

Our cradles are designed with safety and convenience in mind, demonstrating to your customers that you care about their children`s safety and making it a perfect option for your business!

Come and visit us at our stand to learn more and we look forward to demonstrating this exciting new product.

Please visit to view full details on all our products.

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