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When did you set up PPAAP and why?

PPAAP was set up on October 2018- To raise awareness of single plastic usage within our catering and hospitality sector as well as empower business organisations to be able to take appropriate action on eradication of plastic usage. We are also aiming to organise youth activity to build a better awareness & engagement among the younger generations as well.

What are the aims of the PPAAP charity and how are you working to achieve the aims?
The Aims:
• Raise a general awareness of the plastic pollution to all food lovers and retailers
• Empower Food retail owners to embrace changes to eradicate single usage of plastic
• Focus on Asian Cuisine as they have always been neglected in this awareness campaign
• Organise Youth Activity – beach clean, Awareness Workshop, Planting trees and other related activities
• Create support network to combine knowledge and activity with other organisations and charities.

• 'Curry & Conversation'- A nation wide Workshop (supported by BBC) to kick off a discussion with the curry house owners & food lovers on Plastic Pollution
• 'Bristol Planting 1000 Tress 2019' A workshop/ activity to engage diverse group of communities & faith groups to come forward and plant a tree - building a connection to the planet while learning about plastic pollution.

We are seeking partners to team up and find suitable and sustainable solutions for the cuisine industry and love to hear from you. Please get in touch

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