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19 & 20 OCT 2022



RestoConnection is an entirely free online magazine published by LivePepper, a company that has been working alongside restaurant managers since 2007. RestoConnection is a multi-contributor magazine.

The RestoConnection title perfectly encapsulates our editorial line: reaching out to all kinds of restaurant managers who are open to what is going on elsewhere in the world, eager to learn and advance, and interested in a connected world.

Our main mission: helping restaurant managers to become proficient in marketing, social media and new technologies, and to break their routine by exploring new avenues of development in these targeted areas.

RestoConnection contains high-level, value-added articles and interviews written by expert contributors with diverse backgrounds and from different countries. The content will inspire, enlighten, inform and amuse you, but above all, it will pave the way to paths that are as yet unexplored and unused.

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