The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

19 & 20 OCT 2022


Abracadabra - Accounts

Three recurring problems that we see time and time again in the hospitality industry, are time, paperwork and financial visibility. 

Having the time to dedicate to your accounts, to keep track of all the paperwork (there’s a lot of it) and to translate that into useful information so you can see how your business is doing on a month to month basis. 

We introduce systems and processes. To automate everything. To make your accounting slick and painless. To give you one monthly easy to understand report so you can see your numbers and make sense of what they mean.

We can add to this a level of finance director consultancy, for those businesses that are pushing to actively grow. Whereby you have the benefits of an in-house chartered accountant, steering you in the right direction, bouncing ideas off and high-level consulting on every inch of your business. At a fraction of the cost of employing one (we know your margins are tight). 

This is all done on the cloud. So, you don’t have to set aside half a day to meet with us (again we know how precious your time is) 

Imagine turning all that paperwork, into one piece of paper (imagine all the extra space you’ll have). Having everything dealt with so you only to send it to us in a pre-paid envelope and abracadabra - accounts. 

So to introduce myself, I am a Chartered Accountant, based in Oxfordshire and have close to 20 years’ experience in accounting (Wow – I must be boring!!)

Quite the opposite, I take great joy out of being contrary to the usual stereotype. More often than not, in response to me declaring my profession, I get met with “really?” looks! But I love that. I love transforming this profession, opening client’s eyes to how accountancy can be fun (yes you heard that right). 

By that, I of course do not mean tax returns and year end accounts. I mean the nitty gritty, strategic planning and growth that leads to extra money in their pockets and more time with their families. 

Going through their businesses with a fine-tooth comb. Asking the questions, they’ve never been asked before. Making suggestions that are outside of the box. Drawing on all our expertise to make sure they are as competitive as possible, in a very competitive market. 

Why restaurants, bars and coffee shops? Well, I love them firstly. I spend lots of time in them. I get on well with owners of such businesses, they get me, and I get them. They are creative by nature and are open to the, sometimes of the wall, suggestions I make. 

But mostly, I want to make a difference, their success is mine! I want them to all have days off work and holidays in the Caribbean, with the comfort that their business is thriving in their absence. Because a sign of a truly successful business, is one that can survive without you.