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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Digital is on the Menu for Restaurant Operations

Running your food business isn’t without its challenges. There’s no room for compromise, and the issues don’t go away as you scale. How can you be sure brand standards are being kept high across multiple teams and sites?

Thankfully, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to implement internet of things (IoT) and cloud technologies to maintain consistency and access useful performance data.

For independent outlets, access to this data has traditionally been seen as either unnecessary or out of reach. Procedures and policies are set by the owner and staff are expected to follow them.

Overall performance is measured by the bottom line, and everything that happens in between remains a mystery without meticulous micromanagement. As for compliance, periodic audits determine whether or not you’re operating within the law, but pinpointing problems which emerge between audits is difficult.

That was then. Within the last few years, exponential advances in technology have been driven by factors such as:
1. Cheaper, more available devices like smartphones and tablets
2. Deeper understanding of applying analytics to operations management
3. Greater industry competition driving the hunt for an edge in business

Now, restauranteurs have access to affordable automated monitoring and work management systems, with interactive digital checklists that guide staff through tasks and corrective actions.

All these actions are logged in real time, giving you the data to spot issues and refine processes for greater and greater efficiency.
Meanwhile, large restaurant chains reap the same benefits at scale. Cloud storage technology does more than remove the barriers between different batches of location-specific reports. It creates a central dashboard that lets you take in your entire organization’s performance at a glance.

This visibility makes it easy to standardize operations so customers get the same great experience no matter which branch they visit.
Innovations which were the stuff of science fiction in years past are now a daily reality, helping big industry players meet three key business goals:
1. Protecting their reputation by providing a consistent customer experience
2. Maintaining confidence that processes are being adhered to across the board
3. Demonstrating compliance, staying EHO-ready and satisfying auditors

Checkit champions this technology-driven approach, making cutting-edge solutions available to everyone from independent outlets to huge chains. 2019 sees them put their money where their mouth is, partnering with Just Eat to encourage partners to get on board with the new wave of digital operations management.

According to David Davies, Checkit’s Chief Product Officer, “The intent is not just to replace paper, but to use the newly digitised data to set, measure, and refine KPIs across the operation. Metrics such as the length of time equipment is operating within specification, and the proportion of tasks completed to schedule, are examples of new, valuable insights into the business performance.”
Looking to the future, all signs point to restaurants becoming more connected, more efficient, and more data-driven as access to tech broadens. Best of all, these advances are defined by those using them on the ground, with developers listening intently to the needs of modern business.
That means the time to invest in technology and join the conversation is now. The real question is, can you afford not to?

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