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Long Wheelbase EAVans for Scandinavian Operations

Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited (EAV) have confirmed that they have received orders for their unique EAVan from the Norwegian postal and parcel logistics company Posten Norge and their sister logistics and parcels company

Manufactured in Oxfordshire, UK, the EAVan is an exceptional solution to urban congestion and pollution. With indisputable evidence of worsening climate change, the issue of particulate pollution now dominates news worldwide having been proven to claim over 800,000 premature deaths each year in Europe alone. Cars, vans and trucks, especially in towns and cities, are considered as one of the main contributary causes of pollution and the EAVan is designed to provide an immediate solution to improve air quality as well as reduce overall traffic congestion.

The EAVan is an eCargo bike with a capacity of between 1m3 to 3m3 and 120kgs of weight operating under the current regulations for eBikes. EAV, which sprang from a technology-based motorsports and automotive background, recognised that adaptation from the use of Light Commercial Vehicles or petrol and diesel ‘vans’ to using eCargo bikes would require a culture-of-use change, so have engineered the EAVan ‘down’ from a van rather than ‘up’ from a bicycle. This is the underlying philosophy of EAV, to produce a highly efficient and functional vehicle which operators are happy to use and to be protected from the elements.

“We wanted the EAVan to be as usable as possible by anyone.” said Adam Barmby, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EAV. “Getting people out of vans and onto eCargo bikes isn’t easy if they think it’s going to be an awful experience. Being exposed to the elements or being low to
traffic isn’t going to appeal to anyone and we’re all very used to being comfortable in a car or van. So, we started with the idea of the outer body of a light commercial van and we added the electric pedal-assist propulsion system”.

“This kind of vehicle is a very good alternative for us to adapt to new regulations of traffic in urban areas. At the same time, we can also contribute to a better environment and reduced congestion. We will test the bikes in Nordic cities, to see how we can use them efficiently and
serve our customers as good as possible. This is also important to improve the quality of the environment in inner-city areas and for us to reach our goal to only use C02 - free vehicles before the end of 2025”,says John Eckhoff, Head of Public Relations at Norway Post. “City logistics in the future will be operated with smaller vehicles that are more adapted to the area that the operate in. Norway Post are working on several areas to achieve a greener last mile, for example through the cooperation in #BelovedCity with the recycle company Ragn-Sells and the real estate company KLP”.

“We’re really excited to be supplying Posten Norge and in Norway with our medium and long wheelbase EAVans.” continued Adam Barmby. “Posten Norge and are perfect examples of a highly progressive national and international logistics company who are focusing on zero emissions as well as providing their customers with a fantastic service. We’re very proud to be exporting to Scandinavia and hope to be able to secure more sales throughout Europe in the coming months”.The bikes will be seen on the streets of Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen during this Autumn.

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