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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Introducing The World's First 'Plastic-Free' Aisle

Can the world really run without plastic packaging? The demand for sustainability is constantly on the rise, but are we doing enough to reduce our impact on the environment? There are lots of sustainable practices that could be put into place, but this supermarket has gone one step further. 

The First ‘Plastic-Free’ Aisle

The world’s first ‘plastic-free’ aisle has been launched in Amsterdam, by the Dutch chain Ekoplaza. Many of the products may look like they’re contained in plastic, but their packaging is actually made up of biomaterials that will compost completely within 12 weeks. 

It’s said that campaigners are already calling for this to be implemented in the UK so that over 700 products can be sold without plastic packaging. To meet the demand, UK chain ‘Iceland’ has claimed that its packaging will be free of plastic by 2023. In fact, most UK supermarkets have now set targets to reduce their plastic packaging, but none are yet to commit to a completely plastic-free aisle. 

The Importance Of Plastic-Free Packaging

The sustainability movement is continuing to play a key role in driving change in the hospitality, catering and food-to-go industries, so plastic-free packaging is a fantastic step in the right direction for supermarkets to become more eco-friendly. 

Here at the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo, we’re super passionate about sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment, which is why we’re helping the food service industry to do something similar. Our 2019 Expo will see the launch of our all-new Sustainability Trail, which is where the food sector’s most inspiring suppliers will showcase their industry-altering solutions at the cutting-edge of eco-innovation.

Do you offer a sustainable, eco-friendly product or service in the food industry? Or do you want to connect with people that do? Find out more about how you can get involved in the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo today! 

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