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8 & 9 SEP 2020


Why Your Customers Won’t Download Your App

The Mobile Order & Pay ‘revolution’ can bring all the benefits you’ve been promised – but only if your customers are enabled to use it.

As someone reading The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation magazine, we’ll hazard a guess that you’ve already heard a bit about mobile Order & Pay solutions, and how they will transform the industry – redefining customer experience for the millennial mindset, and transforming operational efficiency. All you need to do, the story goes, is offer your customers a new branded app, and “boom!” queues will be a thing of the past as everyone orders and pays from the comfort of their own phone.

But chances are, you’ve also got first or second-hand experience of such an app that hasn’t lived up to the hype. Despite all the great testing and setting KPI’s based on faster throughput and increase in ATV’s, uptake was painfully slow.

So why aren’t more customers ordering and paying by mobile?

The answer, as always with these things, is in the user experience.

Whatever the potential future benefits of having a mobile Order & Pay solution, customers will always go to the easiest and most rewarding experience at the time – and once you are in a restaurant or coffee shop, it’s usually easier to wait for a bill or stand in a queue than search for an app, download, register, and learn how to use it. And, let’s face it, we’re all tired of having an “app for that”. And that. And that. Somehow, you need to offer your customers a mobile solution that delivers benefits immediately.

The Wi5 Order & Pay solution is designed with absolute simplicity at its heart – helping customers instore to beat the queues or cut out delays waiting for the bill without any of the usual mobile frustrations.  By offering a customised mobile experience that delivers on immediate connection to guest Wi-Fi, customers are just one click away from starting their order, and a few clicks from completing their purchase - with no frustrating visits to the app store or cumbersome downloads. By simply making it easily accessible to all, the smartphone-led revolution of reduced queues, increased operational efficiencies and higher ATVs suddenly seems a lot more plausible.

So maybe the mobile Order & Pay promised land does exist, you just need to help your customers find it.

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