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Five Ways in which Tablet Technology is Transforming the Food & Drink Service Industry

The use of tablet devices in the food and drink service sector has been growing for some time - but why is self-serve technology becoming so popular? Let’s take a look at exactly how they they be utilised to improve the dining & drinking experience for customers, how they can make life easier for staff and managers, and how to overcome some of the practical considerations and risks that using this technology brings.

1. No More Bar Queues 

Having tablet devices on each table or in every booth means that customers can order their drink, or bar snacks, without even having to leave their seats. In a restaurant setting, customers can browsing a digital menu, order food and drinks at their own pace and pay for their meal all with their table tablet. This puts less demand on waiting staff and can reduce waiting time for meals too - no wonder the self-serve revolution is in full swing!

2. Cashless Payments Anywhere On The Premises

Tablets on tables isn’t just a handy way to order, customers can also use them as online payment gateways, offering an easy and quick way to pay their bill without the (sometimes very frustrating) wait for a member of staff to become free; great for those who prefer to go cashless when they eat out or have a few drinks! The right POS system can help you grow, so it's important that you're offering your customers every payment option.

3. Bill Splitting Made Easy

These are apps available to use in restaurants, cafes and bars that can instantly split the bill if members of the party are paying separately; something that would have required a member of waiting staff to handle previously. If this is managed by tablet on the table, it can make a big impact on staff efficiency and productivity! Did you know that 58% of diners said their opinion of a restaurant would improve if they use technology wisely? If this isn't wise, we don't know what is! 

4. Games And Promotions Ahoy

With the dawn of a mountable tablet device, a whole new world of opportunity has opened within the hospitality industry. You can use tablets to communicate marketing messages directly to consumers as they order, including special offers and upgrades; to help drive extra spend and help your customers feel that they’re getting a good deal too. 

5. Unparalleled Customer Insights Via Tablet Use

Along with messaging about promotions and offers, tablets can also be used in these settings for gathering opted-in data about your customers. Competitions, loyalty schemes and reviews can all give you a huge amount of information about your target market, and this data can be used to shape future business or service changes, direct marketing activity and help you better understand your customers.

Successful Tablet Deployment

To make sure that your investment in tablets delivers day-in, day-out, there are a number of guiding principles that you must ensure your solution addresses:

Durability & Reliability: Can it cope with the demands of constant staff or customer usage? Is the tablet mounted correctly and secured at all times?

Connectivity: Is there a reliable wireless access technology that these devices can connect to? Can the network cope with multiple devices connecting at the same time?

Power: What is the battery life of the device? Will it need recharging during the day, or is each device connected to the mains? Who will manage this process to ensure that tablets do not lose power?

Use/Support: Can users get to grips with the technology easily? How much training is needed and how often should training be offered? Is there a 24/7 support network in the event of technical issues?

Security: Is the network on which the devices run secure? Are the devices protected from theft? Where a payment transaction may take place, is PCI requirement 9.9 upheld? Are they stored in a safe location between uses?

With over 80,000 tablet enclosure solutions installed globally, our customers benefit from the security, power, connectivity durability and reliability  that we deliver.

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