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8 & 9 SEP 2020


A Green Fleet for ULEZ

On the 4th of April, Stuart was invited to showcase our green fleet at an exciting event, set up by Team London Bridge and MP Smarter Travel: Bikes for Business

With a 60% green fleet, Stuart believes in helping make last mile logistics – and the urban landscape – more sustainable.

As part of the Mayor of London’s initiatives to make London more sustainable and improve air quality for all of its residents, Bikes for Business, backed by TfL, is an initiative which target businesses in the London Bridge area to switch out their van and lorry deliveries with bikes and cargo bikes – with the help of subsidies. This initiative’s launch coincided with the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which came into effect shortly after, on the 8th of April.

The project aims to convert 15% of all business’ deliveries in the London Bridge area to zero emission vehicles, like bikes and cargo bikes. Not only helping local businesses to prepare and deal with ULEZ, the initiative also allows them to reduce cost, congestion and journey times, in the central London area. Reports show that bikes and cargo bikes are able to complete journeys 50% faster than vans at peak times, which makes the initiative even more appealing for local businesses.

At Stuart, we were thrilled to be part of the launch and help spread the word about the initiative. 60% of our own deliveries are entirely green – and creating a more sustainable urban landscape is one of our key ambitions. 

By promoting these sorts of initiatives, London is raising the bar in creating more sustainably driven urban centres. This not only endorses a change in urban infrastructure, but also improves the air quality and taps into the expectation that governments and companies should help to combat global warming. Reports have shown that urban consumers are aware of the environmental issues at stake and that efforts on behalf of retailers to reduce CO2 emissions and build delivery offerings around sustainability have become key differentiators. By giving businesses the opportunity to use a green fleet of bicycles enables them to reduce costs and emissions in one simple step. 

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