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Is your restaurant optimised with an online reservation system

“The growing trend of the “online reservation technology” is not only providing new opportunities to restaurants but also impacting the full “customer journey” and overall business operations as well”- Deloitte. 

Now, consumers are increasingly demanding on how they want to eat out, so it is important for restaurants to optimize and stay connected in an authentic way especially with online table booking systems. Consumers search for restaurants online for many reasons, with booking a table as one of the most important reasons. However, only 15% of restaurants are optimized with an online reservation system.  

Online reservation system for restaurants is a business-friendly technology. We are constantly updating our systems with the current trends in the market and we have concluded the following 7 reasons why a restaurant needs an online reservation system.

1. Zero No Shows:

No Show is a very common challenge for restaurants and sometimes it can go up from 20 to 30 %. It is a big revenue drain for the restaurant industry. Online reservation system can tokenize a credit and debit card while taking the bookings online without any need for the guest to make a phone call. Timely emails and text reminders can also reduce No Show pattern to a significant level.

2. Turning quiet periods into opportunities:

The key to turning quiet times into business opportunities is clever availability and offer management. Smart restaurant booking reservation system can provide trends of peak and off-peak times. This then enables the restaurants to plan and work on various strategies to get more bookings for example, launching promotional discounts etc. It will be an airline industry approach where prices depend on availability. 

3. Integration with other systems

An online booking reservation system should not limit itself to just booking a table. Its integration with other systems like epos, payment system etc. not only helps the restaurants reduce their operating costs significantly but also provides effortless experience to the guests.  

4. Data

Managing guests' data on paper is not only a tedious job but also almost impossible to use it for marketing purposes and understanding the business trends. An online booking reservation system can capture data and generate analytical reports which are vital for any business.

5. Automation

Automation of the important functions for running a restaurant like live table bookings, capacity management, floor plans, table movements, booking confirmation, emails/texts, etc. can make everyday business operations seamless. An online reservation system with these functionalities will be an asset to run successful restaurants even remotely.   

6. Taking control of overbooking

Guests visit restaurants not only for food but for an overall memorable experience.  An overbooked restaurant can damage the reputation of any restaurant. Till recently, overbooking was unpredictable but now with more data this trend has changed. An online reservation system can predict future trends based on past bookings. Further, the system will manage tables live, so there is no probability of overbooking.

7. Personalized guest experience

Casual dining is a very competitive industry, which has become even more demanding with customers seeking a personalized experience. With an online reservation system, the burden becomes lighter, with easily available data on the guests dining behaviors, restaurants can treat their regular guests with special offers.

So, in case your restaurant does not have an online reservation booking system, you may not be aware of how much business you are losing every day. It is the right time to choose an online table booking system for your business.  

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