The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021


One size doesn't fit all - restaurants need a boutique delivery service to account for their needs

The restaurant industry is changing rapidly as more and more people order from home, making it a necessity for all restaurants and even some small cafes to get online with an option for delivery.  

It’s no longer a guarantee that even the best or most unique restaurants will be bustling on a Friday night as the ease of various courier services means people can enjoy their favourite food in the comfort of their own home.  

There are a few well known giants in the industry who offer a comprehensive service to allow any restaurant to get in on the delivery game, however, their set up and inflexibility in price structure isn’t always the right solution for restaurant owners. 

While the convenience of just signing up to an already completed system is obvious, it can sometimes lack the tailored approached needed by independent restaurant owners with small margins and a reputation for personal service to uphold.  

Independent restaurants require, even deserve, the care of an independent delivery firm.  

Glasgow based Eco Runners is a food delivery company solving this problem with a boutique solution to takeaway. They offer a service to businesses of all shapes and sizes which pride themselves on remaining personal with their customers even if they’re enjoying their food at home. 

The delivery company doesn’t just offer a signup link for restaurants to upload their menu and hit go, instead every new restaurant to join the Eco Runners portfolio has an extensive meeting with a representative to work out a deal that benefits both independent businesses.  

This personal and flexible model of delivery service means that various details can be tweaked to suit different needs. Delivery fees and percentage of order price exist on a sliding scale, meaning that restaurants can choose whether to bear the cost of delivery themselves or to pass it on to their customers.  

After a unique agreement has been signed, the Eco Runners model also works to minimise the effort which restaurants have to put into their deliveries. The company has developed its own app from scratch, aiming to make delivery easy for riders and even easier for busy restaurants.  

The restaurant interface of the app asks only a two very easy questions - what postcode is the order going to and what time do you need a cyclist to pick the food up? 

Everything else is handled by the delivery company who input the order number, the address and are able to anonymously call the customer through the app to guarantee GDPR compliant customer service.  The simplicity of this interface allows businesses to accept orders from anywhere and have them delivered by Eco Runners - ranging from their own website through to more general takeaway services. 

Ultimately it is down to each restaurant to find the best way to maximise sales in the current unpredictable and ever changing climate. However, when delivery is done right and adapted for each company, it can go a very long way to maximising sales.