The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

19 & 20 OCT 2022


The Home Food Start Up Chef 33

The Home Food Start Up Chef 33, is now being recognised as a brand to watch and is potentially sitting on a billion dollar platform

A London start-up founder is sitting on stage with the heavy weight food tech companies after just one year of launch at this years top Food event – the Restaurant and Takeaway Innovation Exhibition, 2021.

Javed Laher, one of London’s most watched entrepreneurs, is on a mission to be the Number one food tech platform in London and across the country for his Home Food app “Chef 33”.

He set about his work in 2019, inspired by his MBA where he realised a recession was coming where technology and artificial intelligence was going to replace lots of jobs, leaving many people unemployed. Fast forward to 2021, he was spot on. Covid of course accelerated this trend with mass lay-offs and huge adoption of tech platforms by companies wanting to become more efficient, and this is where he steps in to allow people to earn a living from selling their wonderful home food.

His creation stems from wanting to call something his “own” and is hugely passionate about the future of food tech and is disrupting this space in a unique way.

He’s been featured in many articles, podcasts and has been invited to Buckingham Palace for dinner with Prince Charles for his charity work.

He prides himself on being a Londoner and wanting to do the best for the community in supporting people to earn a living.

The panel will be at the November Restaurant and Takeaway Innovation Show, where he will be exhibiting in the “Golden Triangle” at London’s Excel, which is the most prominent spot in the event.

You can follow Chef 33 on social media on @chef33app and their website is Investors can contact the company at