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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Triple Clean With Grease Gone

Here at Grease Gone, we’ve been spending a great deal of time helping businesses get themselves back on their feet and running in a clean and COVID-secure manner. We do this with not only a full kitchen deep clean but a triple step combination of cleaning strategies to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and safety standards met at all times. 


We’re the only company within our industry to provide this triple service, which means you get not only a more efficient clean but you also get a far more cost-effective service as Grease Gone takes care of every single step for you - and it all begins with a kitchen deep clean.


Step 1: The Kitchen Deep Clean

Our kitchen deep cleans are there to not only ensure all surfaces are cleaned, but all vermin removed too. 


Our team will move through your kitchen in a strategic manner, covering every surface, top to bottom. From floors to walls and ceilings as well as work stations and surfaces. We’ll remove all bacteria, grime, vermin and whatever else is in our way, until we’ve created the cleanest space possible.


Our kitchen deep clean is there to ensure your kitchen meets hygiene requirements as well as to ensure you’re well on your way to becoming COVID-secure.


Step 2: Vent Clean

Once your kitchen has enjoyed a thorough deep clean, we’ll then move on to vent cleaning. Vent cleaning is crucial for not only your air quality but the health and safety of your kitchen.


Dirty ducts become a fire hazard with a build-up of grease and grime from food preparation, but it’s also these same blocked ducts that can also harbour bacteria and viruses, preventing clean air from circulating in your kitchen space. 


It’s essential to keep airflow clean for not only your staff but customers also. We’ll ensure your vents and ducts are clear and free to circulate clean air through your kitchen with ease.


Step 3: Sanitisation Fogging

To top off the above two steps, we finish off with what we deem the ‘cherry on top’ with step 3 - sanitisation fogging. With a thoroughly cleaned kitchen and freshly cleaned vents and air ducts, we’re presented with the perfect space to carry out sanitisation fogging to ensure the most comprehensive clean possible. This fogging method utilises a Virucidal, effective on COVID-19 to ensure a full disinfection.


The Most Thorough Clean Possible

Combining these three certified methods not only ensures the highest level of hygiene possible but also makes sure you experience the most efficient process in one visit, with one company as opposed to utilising two or even three different companies for all services.


Take Advantage Of Our Great Deal

To help you ensure your kitchens are thoroughly cleaned and ready for action, we’re offering an incredible deal here at Restaurant Tech Live. 

By signing up to a survey of your kitchen and vent systems, well add in the last step - sanitisation fogging - for FREE. For more information, please don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at our stand.