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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Heura®, the new plant-based meat born in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Did you know that up to 34% of people wouldn’t visit a restaurant that didn’t offer at least one 100% plant-based option? That 35% of people are actively seeking to reduce their meat consumption? And that 90% of plant-based product consumers are neither vegetarian nor vegan? 


Plant-based is here to stay, it’s time to offer plant-based meat in your restaurant!

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Heura Foods is a start-up company in the food-tech industry, born in Barcelona, and dedicated to revolutionising food based on plant proteins.

We have created Heura®, the new generation of 100% plant-based proteins, with textures never before seen in the plant kingdom. Heura® is the result of turning a social mission into business. We are on the mission of accelerating the protein transition by:


  • Food-tech innovation: Delivering delicious, nutritious and accessible plant-based successors based on our Mediterranean culinary heritage, where simplicity and high quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil are at the centre of everything we do.
  • Spreading awareness: We are creating a global game-changing community & unveiling the real cost of what we eat through our communications in order to arm people with the knowledge they need to make better choices.

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Plant-based meats deliver the sensorial experience meat lovers seek but there are still challenges ahead, such as ingredient lists, nutritionals, etc. We have successfully overcome this challenges trusting the goodness of our Mediterranean culinary heritage, achieving: 

  • Extra virgin olive oil: Heura is the first & only plant-based meat made from extra virgin olive oil.
  • The healthiest fat: Heura’ R&D Team has formulated the first fat analogue that brings the juiciness of traditional meat piece with 70% less of fat. 
  • The cleanest label: Heura has 40% less ingredients than the average competitor & uses a single fat source. 
  • High-performance protein: Heura has 20,7% more protein per calorie than Animal meat.

Why you shoud offer Heura in your restaurant?

  1. It’s absolutely delicious:  98% would definetly recommend it to friends and family, and we’ve achieved 5/5 on Facebook.
  2. Surprise your customers: 100% of people who try it believe they are eating real meat!
  3. Offer a sustainable product to your more environmentally concious clients.
  4. Get very positive reviews on TripAdvisor: 97% of “reseñas” on tripadvisro are extremely positive. 
  5. We’ve received a great amount of culinary prizes and acknowledgements:


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