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Air Purifiers for Bustling Businesses and Restaurants

How to Purify the Air in your Business

This year has, of course, been exceptional in regard to shop closures and, particularly, doctor or hospital access. Fear of spreading coronavirus has resulted in numerous lockdowns and anxiety about even venturing outdoors.

News of several vaccines provide hope but if Covid-19 leaves a legacy, it will be one of ensuring our environments are germ-free as much as possible. And one way to achieve that is to fit one of the many specialist air purifiers on the market today in your office, studio, shop, waiting room and/or home.

That’s because infectious viruses like Covid-19 and the flu are spread to person to person via droplets in air. And, due to the nature of a virus (i.e. it is air-borne), simply wiping surfaces and spraying disinfectant won’t entirely rid the atmosphere of these droplets. That’s where your efficient air purifiers come in. Studies have shown that multi-process air purifiers can reduce bacteria and kill viruses. The result is not just a cleaner indoor air quality, but also a far safer one. And what customer or member of staff wouldn’t want that?


Even air purifiers can be decorative

Such is the advances in design of air purifiers, especially in recent times, models have been produced which are neat, smart and can actually add to the visual decoration of a room. More importantly though, it’s possible to buy portable versions. This means the air purifier can be moved around easily, wherever it is needed. It’s easy-move nature means it can be used for more than one room or location, saving on the cost of having to install an air purifier in every room.



How does an air purifier work?

The GRU-V UV Light Disinfection Air Purifiers work by destroying 99.9% of airborne viruses. This includes coronavirus, flu, MRSA, tuberculosis, e-coli, bacteria and moulds.

They do this by improving air quality, with the aid of two powerful germicidal UV lamps, so that micro-organisms and viruses can’t survive in the atmosphere. The lamps themselves are shatterproof and have a rated lifetime of 8,000 hours. This equates to around one full year of continuous use.


Meanwhile, because the air purifiers are on continuously, they are able to ensure all of the air within a room is purified and circulated. And the best bit? Because they can be wall-mounted (and hence, ‘out of the way’) our own air purifying units are perfect for public spaces where people will be moving around. As well as Dr and dentist waiting rooms, this also makes them perfect for hairdressers, restaurants and even gyms. A mobile version of the air purifier on castors is also available to allow the air purifier to be moved from room to room when required.



Buying an air purifier

There are several factors to consider when it comes to purchasing the best type of air purifier for your environment. First of all, cost is obviously a big factor. Secondly, the size of your room will depend on how big you want the air purifier to be. That’s because you want the purifier to be able to circulate all the air in the room, otherwise it’s not doing its job properly.

And, if you are spending quite a bit on an air purifier then you want to know it is worthwhile. For that reason, we would always advise chatting to a specialist engineer like ourselves before going ahead and buying any kind of air disinfecting unit.


Other ways to improve air quality

Regardless of whether you are talking about your office, shop or home, the best way to ensure you have good indoor air quality is to ventilate the room as much as possible. Well, provided you don’t live on a busy street with traffic, or near a farm where pesticides are being sprayed (as that would be counter-productive). Here are simple ways to ventilate a room:

  • Keep the windows open. This way you are getting air into the room and, if you have a window on the opposite of the room, you can create a cross draught – blowing contaminants back out the room again.
  • Keep the room clean. That means vacuuming regularly in order to trap dust, rather than allow it to swill around in the room’s atmosphere.
  • Use exhaust fans. These should be in the kitchen and the bathroom. That way they rid your house of smells and toxic particles. And talking of toxic substances…
  • Avoid candles and fires indoors. Smoke particles can hang around for ages indoors if there is nothing to blow them away or destroy them.


How to place your air purifier

Wondering where you will put your new UV-C Air Disinfection machine? Well, you have a variety of different choices. That’s because our cost-effective and incredibly efficient air disinfection systems can be purchased either wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or floor-standing. Starting from less than £1000 they are an inexpensive way of reassuring your customers and staff that they are in a virus-free environment.

The UV Light Disinfection Air Purifiers we use here at Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration are constructed from stainless steel. Produced right here in the UK, they don’t produce ozone or any other harmful particles or smells.


That means they are particularly beneficial to anyone with asthma or allergies. For this reason, it is not uncommon for individuals who are troubled by respiratory conditions to sit an air purifier in their bedroom as an aide to sleep. In fact, it’s not a bad idea for all householders to install an air purifier in their bedroom since, let’s face it, we spend around one third of our lives in there anyway. One of our team likes to refer to using an air purifier as ‘choosing to walk down the leafy side of the street.’ And really, he’s not wrong there.

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